No Pasta Lasagna?


Hello All,
Can anyone point me to Chris’s no pasta lasagna recipe. I’ve done a site search with no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.



I’m not sure if I’ve typed that up formally.

Basically, you just sub out the pasta noodles for veggies. Zucchini and eggplant work very well. I grill them a little first, then layer them in with browned extra lean beef or turkey, low-sugar pasta sauce, fat-free cheese to drop some cals, and whatever clean toppings you prefer. (Spinach is good, as are sun-dried tomatoes.) Last time I subbed in fat-free sour cream instead of the traditional ricotta cheese. Worked great and reduced overall calories.

With the meat pre-browned and the veggies pre-grilled, all you do is toss it into the oven 350 to melt together and heat through. Comes together very quickly.

Hope that helps!


This is how I make mine: (that’s the mega-volumized version)

I will have to try the sour cream sometime…



I guess I’ll experiment a little and see what comes of it.

Jim D.


Hi Jim…I was looking everywhere for it as well and found this: