No More Yo-Yo: Traci's V-Diet Log

Hello all! I have been following so many of you and now have decided to start the V-Diet myself. I have just gotten so sick of the weight I have gained and even though I make it in to the gym almost everyday it is the eating that kills me! I am one of those people that knows a ton about diet and fitness but fails to follow what I know works.

I have yo-yo dieted through out my 20’s by losing 30 lbs. then gaining it back and I don’t want it back anymore!I need a jump start into a new me and I am starting today!I can’t wait to see what happens. I am posting my pics below. EEK!



Here are my stats:
Height: 5’3"
Shoulders: 46.5
Waist(navel): 36.5
Arm ® 14.5
Arm (L) 14.5
Upperleg® 27
UpperLeg(L) 26.5

Hello Traci,

Welcome! I’ve yo-yoed for a long time too. Always gained back more than I lost. And I’ve worked my butt off at the gym and with a trainer no less, and I’ve got nothing to show for it. Whoever said ‘You can’t outtrain a bad diet’ was right!

Do you have all your supplies?

Well, day one is coming to a close. I got all my shakes in and I have felt full all day. I also did 50 min of Nepa around my house because it was a nice day out. I can’t wait to workout in the gym tomorrow(I love lifting!!!)

Sweet-Yeah I got all of my supplements last week! I have used a lot of Biotest supplements before and they are the best. I am also taking Se7en along with everything else because I have had great results with it in the past.

Well, good night everyone.

Yea day 2 is almost over. It was tougher today for sure. I have to get up pretty early for my job (I work in a coffee house) and I drank my first shake at 6am and took my HOT-ROX. Wow I was working on the espresso machine and I got so hot and dizzy. I know it was from the HOT-ROX. I have taken them before but I have been on a two month hiatus.

Today was also my first lifting day and it went ok. I could have gone heavier on my squats. I had to do back squats because my wrists are so weak due to motion injury from my job.

Back squats 145lbs.: 5,5,5,5
Lat pull down 160lbs.:5,5,4,3,3
DB bench press 40lbs.: 5,5,4,3,3
Ab wheel: 10,10

I also did 50 min of NEPA. Well, I am off to drink my last shake!

Front squat chicka, do em, don’t sub them. Won’t be able to use as much weight, but the movement compensates for the decrease

Just wanted to say hi and keep it up!


Front squats should have the bar on your shoulders, not your wrists. Look around the T-Nation site and you will see proper form on this.

Notice how in this photo, I rests on the shoulders.

Good luck!

Yep…think pinkies up in term of “holding” the bar because well, you’re not really holding it, just using your hands to balance it

Gotcha thank you Knutes and Polsen! I really really want to do front squats and I think the weird angle I was holding my wrists at was killing me.

Well day three almost done and today was the hardest so far. I had the day off from work so I went on an hour long hike but I got a really big headache. I took some Advil and was fine after awhile. I am not hungry at all but I am craving something salty or savory, all this sweet is getting to me. I know in a couple of days I’ll be fine but right now the HSM never sounded so good! Other than that my energy is great and I’m in this for the long haul! I’m so happy tomorrow is a lifting day woo hoo!

You could always cross your arms across the bar, too, so the right hand holds the bar palm down in fron of your left shoulder and vice versa.

Yeah, it’s going to feel funny, and like I said, you are going to go MUCH lower in weight. Case-in-point, I was back squatting 185 3x9 when I incorporated front squatting - using only 75lbs until I got the right form…then up to 95. Now (today) I plan on doing 135 as my 4-5 RM with only 15s rests. My balance and stability has increased tremendously.

As for crossing your arms, I personally don’t like that and have also increased my wrist flexibility. But, in either case, if your delts aren’t developed much, it’s going to hurt. Consider using a towel or bad on the bar for cushion.

Sorry, I just love this exercise now, lol

Hi Traci. Sounds like you’re doing great. Keep it up.

[quote]Polsen714 wrote:

As for crossing your arms, I personally don’t like that [/quote]

I don’t either, to be honest, but for a four week blast it’s not going to matter much, I reckon. (Or do they persist in the transition phase? Either way, it’s 6 weeks max.)

[quote]Woppa wrote:
Polsen714 wrote:

As for crossing your arms, I personally don’t like that

I don’t either, to be honest, but for a four week blast it’s not going to matter much, I reckon. (Or do they persist in the transition phase? Either way, it’s 6 weeks max.)[/quote]

I don’t think they go into transition…but I meant that the crossed method is more difficult for me

Day 4! It has been pretty uneventful so far, movin along, drinkin some shakes! I did my Wed. workout today and I can’t believe how much stronger I have gotten with the workout I was doing before the V-Diet. I could have gone up on weight on everything except for the barbell curls. Oh well, I feel good about the strength I have and I will bump it up more next time :slight_smile:

Reverse Lunges 35lb. dumbbells

Bent over rows 70lb. barbell

Push press 50 lb. barbell

Barbell curls 40lb. barbells

Reverse crunch

Well I am off to have shake # 5!

Yea I saw both Biotest’s Z-12 and Se7en listed here on T-Nation and I was thinking about trying them. Id forgotten about them till I got your message. Reading your thread has also encouraged me to try them out!
Thanks and good luck!

I cant wait to see your results, Im sure theyll be fabulous because it sounds like your truly motivated.

lol so that last post was actually from me, I didnt realize my boy had logged me out!!! oooops :slight_smile:

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