No More Pastries for French V-Dieter?

Hi all,

Here I’am today doing the V-Diet since Monday the 24th, it’s been a long way to get there, I worked very hard to solve my lifelong food related issues by following John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition method for almost a year to change my food habits, it worked wonders and I’ll never thank him enough for that.

As he says in the video, if you want your body to change, first forget about your body, that�??s exactly what I did.

I started working out a few months ago and have lost about 10 lbs. Now I’ve started step 2 of my transformation, the V-Diet.

I have decided to include pics that my girlfriend took on Sunday,a very poor sight but thinking about it, I haven’t got anything to hide and I don�??t see why I should be ashamed even though I’m far from being proud of my body obviously, here is the 1st one, the others are on their way.

My measurements are:
Love-handle area 121/118/118/117,5/116
Upper leg (thigh) 73/71/71/68/68
Lower leg 43/42/41.5/41/41
Ankle 24.5/24.5/25/24.5/24
Chest 117.5/114/115/114/112
Upper Abs area 27/25.5/25.3/25/25
Shoulders 132/128/127/123/121
Upper-arm 41/41/40.5/39.5/39.5
Neck 41/40/40.5/40/39.5

My weight is 113kg(250lbs)/108kg(237.8lbs)/106(233)/104(229lbs)/102.5 (226lbs)
My bf: 36%/35%/34%/35%/35%
My height 180cm (6’)

I won’t go through all the details as to how I managed to get all the Biotest stuff but it took me a lot of time, you guys in the US don’t realize how lucky you are ! I wish Biotest had a proper base in Europe, there are so many people who would be more than happy to give them their Euros or Pounds.

Anyway, today is day 4 and it’s been ok so far, a few stomach cramps on the first 2 days but now it’s getting better. I’m very very motivated and hope I’ll manage to loose 10kg (23lbs) during the V-Diet and a few more during the transition phase.

My workout is The Beginner Program, I do my Nepa everyday which gives me the chance to walk from work to home in 1h45 mn (from Montparnasse to Montmartre for those who know Paris a bit.)

I didn�??t even think it was possible, I walk at a good speed and feel proud when get up the stairs to get to my appartment instead of taking the elevator as used to. My V-Diet will finish on the 21st of September and then I’ll transition for 2 weeks.

I’ve read many of the posts on the V-Diet forum, they were all very inspiring and helpful to me so than you. special thanks to Chris Shugart for designing the diet.

Probably many mistakes in this post, sorry, English ain’t my native language.

Your questions and comments are more than welcome, I’m French but I won’t hit you with my baguette !


the 2nd pic

3rd pic

Keep us posted, Justin! We look forward to watching your progress!

Great job so far and Good luck with your V-Diet. Keep posting and give us updates! I’m sure Chris will give you some inspiration along the way.

[quote]Justin707 wrote:
Your questions and comments are more than welcome, I�??m French but I won�??t hit you with my baguette !

Ha. That made me laugh! Good luck to you Justin! You’re going to do great!

Thank you so much for your replies guys !
I forgot to post my food program, I’d like to have your opinion (maybe Chris you could help)being very fat I wonder if I have included enough protein on non-training days in particular.

Diet on training days:

Metabolic Drive 250g
915 kcals
17g fat
25g carbs
165g Protein

SURGE: 1 serving (93g)
Kcals 340
Fat 2,5g
Carbs 46g
Protein 25g

Milled Flax: 2 servings per day: 15g
Calories: 120
Protein: 6g
Carbs: 8g
Fat: 9g
Fiber: 8g

Natural Peanut Butter: 1 serving per day: 30g
Calories: 190
Protein: 7g
Carbs: 6g
Fat: 17g
Fiber: 3g

5g Metamucil
20 Kcals
5g carbs
5g Fiber

15 caps fish oil
135 kcals
15g fat

Daily Total:
Kcals : 1720
Fat: 61
Carbs : 90
Protein: 203

Diet on non-training days:

Metabolic Drive 250g
915 kcals
17g fat
25g carbs
165g Protein

Milled Flax: 2 servings per day: 15g
Calories: 120
Protein: 6g
Carbs: 8g
Fat: 9g
Fiber: 8g

Natural Peanut Butter: 1 serving per day: (30g)
Calories: 190
Protein: 7g
Carbs: 6g
Fat: 17g
Fiber: 3g

5g Metamucil
20 Kcals
5g carbs
5g Fiber

15 caps fish oil
135 kcals
15g fat
Daily Total:
Kcals: 1350
Fiber 16g

Vitamin C / Multivitamine/ Chrome/ZMA

I tried to get some Flameout but couldn’t get any so I took Fish oil caps instead… Same thing for Surge and Metabolic Drive, my stock is limited and I don’t think I’ll manage to get more anytime soon…

Are you using the regular Metabolic Drive or the Low Carb version? Your first shake has 25 grams of carbs which doesnt sounds right for the low carb version. You might want to check.

Hi Maximus,

I use the Low Carb version (I should have specified). It’s not my first shake that has 25g of carbs but it’s my daily allowance. 250g of Metabolic Drive / 5 shakes a day.


Oh sorry about that, I looked at it wrong.

Hi Justin (Salut à toi)
I know what you mean regarding getting the Biotest product in France. I had the same problem. Lucky me I was In Canada for my vacation. For your information, I did not have any probleme to get Flameout here in france.

I will follow your progress :slight_smile:

I know it’s not optimal, but when Flameout is out of stock or if you just can’t drop the money on it at the time, just supplement with quality fish oil and a CLA capsule or two per day, as you’d be getting at least a little EPA/DHA and CLA.

But, when you can get Flameout, buy as much as you can afford. I have decided to have 2 month’s worth on hand at all times.

Oops, I forgot to say: Bonjour Justin! Bon chance!

My French is tres mal. :wink:

Today was day 5 and I’m doing fine, I had a 2 hour nepa, walking home from work, the weather was really nice so I really enjoyed it. Saturday will be karate and workout, Sunday, karate and the thing I’m really looking forward : My meal ! It’s not been that difficult so far, well less than I expected;)

Thanks to all of you for checking my progress, it feels good as I don’t think there are many T-men in this country, I feel like I’m a bit of an outcast.

Thanks Kristen 518 for the baguette thing, my girlfriend didn’t find it funny until I reminded her that she doesn’t speak English;)

Thanks USC for your support, I don’t know much about the Trojans though (basketball ? Football ? Baseball ? No pun intended, I was just wondering;)

Thanks MaximusB for checking my progress, I appreciate it.

Shonaa you probably sympathize to my situation as you went through the same problem. I think you can get Flameout through custom, the only problem is that I prepared my diet when I came back from my holiday and my Biotest package got stuck at customs

(before it even could be ceased)as thr French Post Office policy is to go through another company to present to customs firearms, everything radioactive and food supps !!!
Yeah, you read it right !!! They told me I would be charged a $500 fee + import tax + sales tax (20% over here baby!!!)

So paying almst 1500$ for what was originally a 500$ orderI told them: No you can ship it back to the US thank you very much ! I still lost 90$ as Biotest will charge me return price on my credit card which is fair enough, well, when I’ll get the refund I’m still waiting for. Hopefully I’ll get it next week, I trust those guys;)

So when I say you guys in the Us are lucky,I really mean it!

The fish oil caps are virtually impossible to find over here so I order them from the UK. So Flameout, maybe someday when Biotest will sell there stuff over here Rhumdraco… I’m still hopin’ you never know;) By the way your français est très bon :wink:

Good night to all of you guys.

I’ll keep u updated tomorrow !

Some update on my progress, didn’t have time to update yesterday sorry :wink:

Had my weigh in this morning,

My weight is 108kg (237.5lbs)
My bf: 35%

My measurements are:
Love-handle area 118cm
Upper leg (thigh) 71 cm
Lower leg 42 cm
Ankle 24.5cm
Chest 114cm
Upper As area 25.5cm
Shoulders 128cm
Upper-arm 41cm
Neck 40cm

I’m very happy with the results so far having lost more than 12 lbs and 3cm from my love handle-area. I’m very very motivated !!!

Had my first meal today, some potatoe, French beans and turkey breast, c’était magnifique !

I start craving healthy food (salad, veggies, meat, tuna…)

Didn’t miss a single NEPA so far.

what is great about having a meal once a week is that it keeps me focus, I also realized that even though I really enjoyed my meal, it wasn’t as good as I expected, so that also helps me staying focused !!

Keep you updated tomorrow or tuesday.

Thanks for checking my progress, it helps me keeping my motivation and brings me support !

Everything looks great man serously… Do you have any updated pics? Oh and you don’t need to do this, but a lot of people who keep logs in this forum update their weights and measurments like so:

Weight: 250 lbs … 237.5 lbs
Love Handle Area: 121 cm … 118 cm
etc etc.

Obviously it isn’t neccessary to do this, but it certainly makes it easier for people (yourself included) to look at your progress!

Best of luck man, congrats on the fat loss and not straying away from the plan.

Nice work, Justin…just think how many baguettes lighter you are now. Keep on shakin’!

Hi dg401,

Thanks for your advice, I’ve corrected all that and it’s true that it’s even easier for me to read it.

Hi Kristen, thanks for sticking around and check my results. I’ve lost something like 25 baguettes ! It’s very motivating thinking like this… But still, a nice cheese and some baguette mmmm…

I’ll post my pics a bit later.


Pics taken tonight.

Not much of a change yet but there is still so much to loose so I’m not worried.

Good night.

Update tomorrow.

side pic.

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