No Indigo for 3-4 Days

I ordered more Indigo but I will be out of the product for 3-4 days. Will this hurt me? Should I ration what I have and take 4 caps a day instead of the six or take full dose? I don’t want to hinder gains. Help please!

You will be fine either way. I don’t have a basis for saying that one of those ways will have an advantage over the other, as no direct comparison of that has been made that I know of, but both those situations have come up many times and will not set you back. With regard to having a few days off or at reduced dose, Indigo-3G’s effects on gene expression continue for an extended time. So it will continue working for you, rather than immediately or quickly finding yourself in a pre-Indigo state.

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Thank you for your informative reply. I’m trying to stay on point and this helped tremendously. You’re awesome!!!

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