No Excuses Left, Time to Start the V-Diet

Ok I’ve been looking into doing this diet for a few weeks now, I’ve read the outline for the program several times and could probably give lectures on the diet now. I’ve also read most of your blogs and I’m impressed with the “typical” results.

But I’ve kept coming up with excuses not to do it but thanks to some silly company approving me for a new credit card I will now have a little spare cash enabling me to get the supps, so as the title say No excuses left.

As soon as my card arrives the first purchase will be all the stuff I need for this diet. Could anyone let me know how long it takes for the order to get to the UK?

Thanks in advance for all your support and advice.

Great to have you on board! Be sure to keep us posted when you get your stuff.

As for your UK question, I know we have several UK V-Dieters (VUKers?) so maybe they’ll be able to chime in here to answer your question. If not, then Biotest customer service can help you out.

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