No Better Time to Start Than Now


Hello all,

I’m a 22 year old male who has been interested in the v-diet since I first read about it on this website years ago. I grew up playing sports year round and played intramural sports every semester while in college (flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc). I also lifted frequently my first two years of college, but following my sophomore year of college; I had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum and so my lifting was put on hold. I never got back into the groove, and as I became busier with classes and research (I was a biology and neuroscience major) my nutritional habits took a major hit as well (it’s hard to find a good meal at 2am while studying when you don’t have access to a kitchen). I moved to Philadelphia at the beginning of August to start graduate school (neuroscience phd) and made the decision to start the v-diet because: A- I want to go back to looking like someone who is athletic rather than someone who looks like they were an athlete 15 years ago and B- I can finally afford it haha (thank you stipend!).

I purchased the supplements last night and went to Target today and purchased a blender, a scale, 2 nalgenes, and natural almond butter. Unfortunately, they did not have milled flax seed or a fabric measuring tape so I will be looking for those two items tomorrow. I’m open to any suggestions of where to find the measuring tape because I have had issues finding one in the past…

Some stats:

Age- 22
Height- 5’11"
Weight- 201.4 lbs

Haven’t lifted regularly in 2 and a half years but these were my stats at the time:

Max Bench- 145 lbs (my legs have always been far more dominant than my upper body)
Max Deadlift- 420 lbs (done w/ hex bar)

Never maxed out on squat because I typically did heavier weights with deadlifts and higher rep ranges with squats (the risk involved with missing a heavy squat always seemed much greater than the risk with missing a heavy deadlift)

Some things that I’d like to work towards using the v-diet:

  1. I’ve never ever been a clean/healthy eater because I am very picky. Even when I was lifting regularly, I was only concerned with getting enough protein and didn’t really care about vitamins and minerals. The possibility of the v-diet changing my taste preferences is very appealing from a health standpoint.

  2. Another reason that I am interested in my tastes changing is that I have ADHD and a study published in the July issue of the Journal of Attention Disorders suggested a positive relationship between ADHD and a “Western-style” diet compared to a “Healthy” diet (meaning that the diagnosis of ADHD was more prevalent in adolescents whose diets were more “Western-style”). If anyone is interested, I can send them the article. And yes, I know that I am a nerd. If developing healthier eating habits will help lessen the symptoms of my ADHD, that would be lovely.

  3. I’d like my vertical jump to improve. I’m not expecting to see a huge improvement, but before I had my shoulder surgery; I could grab rim (couldn’t dunk). Now I can only touch just below the rim so seeing any improvement in my vert would be great.

  4. Get sexified.

I plan on posting my measurements tomorrow after I get the measuring tape. I’m not sure what else to post so feel free to ask me any questions that you may have


welcome! keep reminding yourself of those 4 points, especially when it gets tough and you’ll get great results!