Nightly Z-12 Use and Phenibut

I was wondering about the nightly use of Z-12 as it contains Phenibut. I’m getting conflicting info as to whether or not Phenibut is potentially addictive and/or unsafe to take daily.

Can anyone shed light on this?



Just seconding the question above – have read the same about phenibut. Have also read Biotest stating that Z-12 is non-addictive. Interested to hear if the other compounds that Biotest adds to Z-12 somehow ‘fix’ phenibut’s problems.

Wow, these forums are dead these days!

I’ve used Z-12 for quite some time now, both nightly for extended periods of time and as needed. Obviously this is all anecdotal, but I haven’t had a problem going from nightly use to once or a twice a week.

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