Night Time Shake on HSM Days

What is the benefit of the night time shake on the HSM days? I ask because on my HSM days that I have had I have not been hungry at all at night when it is time for the shake. Therefore I have only had a half shake instead of the whole. I am going to start my transition soon and will start taking a HSM every day. Do I only take the night shake if I am hungry or can I skip if not hungry? Just trying to figure out the benefit on HSM days. The other days (non-HSM) I am a bit hungry at night so it helps to go to bed not feeling hungry.


The benefit of the nighttime shake is 1) so you don’t go to bed hungry, 2) to provide calories and macros, because food is good for you, 3) to prevent catabolism. However, if you’re truly full – again, a nice problem to have on a fat loss diet – then half a shake is fine. You can reduce by one scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day’s total, and the last shake of the day is fine for that. But don’t go below that. You can also cut out half the flax see if that helps.

When on the Transition phase, the solid meal will replace 1 or 2 shakes for the day, whichever works for you. Don’t force in a shake if you’re full, especially after your HSM if you choose to have the HSM for the last meal of the day.

Hope that helps.

It does help. Thanks again.

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