Night Sweats


Chris - got any ideas about why I would be having insane night sweats and always hot?

I’m 99.99999% grain free ( i do eat some on rare occasions ), I drink alcohol once a month at the most, I drink plenty of water during the day, I can’t find any rhyme or reason and I’m about to break down and get full blood work and a physical.

This started about 2 months ago before i started lifting frequently.


Hmm, not sure. Night sweats can be caused by a lot of things, I’m guessing. Hard to diagnose.


Guess I will have to go see the doctor…I’d rather do breathing squats.


Ok don’t know if you are male or female assuming male, I’m female and I get night sweats once a month when my hormones are surging and I’m only 32, I’m not a doctor, I am a nurse and if you’re switching up your diet or taking some supplement that might have effect on your hormones this might be a reason, but always best to see a doctor, this is a late post so I’m curious if you’ve been to the doctor and found out anything.