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Here goes. I am 33 and started the V-Diet this morning. I have been physically active my whole life. At 18 I started lifting and have been off and on since. My weight has fluctuated over the past nine years, 4 kids, divorce, relocation, and job loss. I am miserable with my current status and my misery poisons almost every aspect of my life.

My ex-husband suggested this program and said he will pay for it if I succeed with his stipulations. He hopes our children will benefit in the long run from my experience. He wants me to succeed but doesn’t think I will.

My boyfriend, the father of my youngest, is supportive but our relationship is an emotional roller coaster. I sometimes use food to steady myself. I hope to drop weight and rid myself of unhealthy eating habits. I am also anxious to see what I look like under the fat. I don’t expect this cycle to rid me of all the excess weight, but I do expect it to jump start my weight loss and get me on track again. I am pretty determined. I have been waiting to start until I weaned my baby girl.

Now that I am officially done having children and nursing forever (bittersweet), I want my body and a little piece of me back. Today has been going ok. I have a bit of a headache. Some hunger pains which are not unbearable. The hardest part has been getting the shakes down. YUCK. They are horrendous. The taste and that thick consistency is just nasty. I’d rather just not eat but I know the effects of that. I started with 1 HOT-ROX twice a day to avoid side effects. I plan on going to 2 per serving on day 3. I’ll also be starting the gym workouts on day 2 versus day 1. I am going to do the beginner workout since I haven’t been lifting consistently for a while. I am very excited to see the results of this program. I also appreciate everyone’s threads. I’ve been following some for a couple of weeks to help prepare myself. Quitting is not an option for me since I have so much riding on this both personally and professionally.

Although I have been divorced for almost 5 years, I still tell myself something my ex used to say when we trained together. “What your mind can perceive, your body can achieve.” I hate to give him kudos for that, but it is a useful tool and I try to emphasize that with my kids also. Well, I welcome any input and suggestions. Please don’t come at me with anything negative. Part of my deal with the ex is to post my pics and stats. I’ll do that in the morning. I hope pics will be up later today. Viewer beware!

It’s 0030. I am usually knocked out by now, yet here I am. Hope I fall asleep soon.


Welcome on board :slight_smile:

Hi Nicdragon,
Don’t worry, you’ll make it. There’s lots of people here to help you through it. Here’s are some tips that help me get the shakes down.

-L-Leucine-I don’t mix it with the shakes anymore…its hideous. I mix if with 1/2 a single serving of Crystal Lite and water and drink it first
-Vanilla shakes-I mix in some orange extract…its pretty good
-Chocolate shakes-they’re the worst, during the day sometimes I’ll mix a tbsp of expresso coffee grinds and make it taste kind of like mocha…or just plug my nose and drink it as quickly as possible. Other people have suggested to make hot chocolate out of it which I keep forgetting to try, but they say its pretty good.

Good luck, you’ll do great!

For most of us, our gym time and the control we have over our diets and our bodies become our rocks. It helps us deal with the rest of life. You need that “me time.” It’s not selfish and it’s not just about vanity – it’s about sanity. The V-Diet can help you get back on track and back in control. Best therapy ever! Keep us posted!

Wow, the feedback is awesome already. To be honest, my heart started racing when I was logging on. Blogging on here was one of the stipulations I have to abide by and I was dreading it. But it truly is inspirational. Shonna, I have been reading some of your stuff the last couple days. Thanks for posting.

Fitatude, I will definitely be trying some of your tips. Is it the Leucine that makes the shakes so thick? Unfortunately, I was only able to get 2 shakes down yesterday with 1 serving of Superfood, 2 hrx and all the flameouts. I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I’d be. Actually, cooking dinner for the kids was tantalizing, but I didn’t even taste it to see if it was any good.

Could have been like dog food for all I know. :slight_smile: I didn’t even hit the kitchen last night while waiting forever to fall asleep. This morning tried the vanilla with flaxseed like Shonna suggested the other day to someone. It was actually decent. That was very motivating and I am in high spirits. The baby doesn’t want to take a nap so I am going to plop her in the stroller and head out for a walk.

I am really looking forward to lifting later. It has always been a release and I can’t wait for the feeling when you walk out of the gym so tired you know you gave 100%. I am also going to pick up some Crystal Lite and orange extract. Oh, I tried mixing the super food with water and downing it as fast as possible but it came right back up. Any suggestions? I have not come to terms yet with posting the pics. I will do my stats now.

I looked at the pics my son took of me this morning and was horrified. Then I pulled out some old pics to remind me of what I could be. It’s so easy to think you still look somewhat like those old pics even though you’re way off. I really hope to make a significant change. I want to show everyone dramatic before and afters. Have a good day everyone.

Almost forgot…please don’t give up on me when you see these stats.
Height 5’7"
Weight 202
Neck 13 1/2
Waist (smallest) 35
Hips (biggest) 46 3/4
Left arm 14 1/2
Right arm 14 1/2
Bust 41 1/4
Upper chest 38 1/2
L thigh 27 7/8
R thigh 28 1/8
L calf 15 1/2
R calf 15 7/8

No, its not the Leucine that makes them so thick…actually I’m not sure what it is. I find the vanilla a lot thinner than the chocolate. Just water them down. In the morning I mix the superfood with the vanilla and the flaxseeds…I wouldn’t say I enjoy it, but it doesn’t make me want to puke either…so I guess I can’t ask for more than that. Also another thing that I think a lot of us do is eat the peanut butter seperately at the end of the day instead of mixing it in the bedtime shake. That way you at least get to eat something instead of drinking everything all day. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, this just takes a few days to get used to.

why would we give up on U looking at your stats…euhh I’m exactly at the same weight :wink: and almost same stats :wink:

Hey Nicole, welcome :wink:

Glad you decided to jump on and take the ride! Keep posting, every day if you can. It will help you more than you can imagine, and nobody here will give up on you…even if you give up and want to quit, we’ll be hanging around here trying to get you down off the ledge. (But you’re not going to give up and you’re not going to quit so just use us for encouragement and support grin).

We’re all in this together really, so nobody’s going to judge you by your photos. If that were the case, we’d all be needing to go take a look in our own mirrors again to remind us all that we are in no place to judge someone else’s appearance negatively.

You’re doing good so far. What others have said is right; you will get used to the shakes and maybe (probably) even start to like them. After the first week. Just get through week 1, knowing that the entire month is not going to be this difficult getting those shakes down.

Sharon’s right, water them down, thin them out, heat them up, split them in two, make them into a pudding, do whatever you have to do but make sure you get all your stuff in…all the leucine, all the superfood, all the protein, everything. It all counts.

Looking forward to a nice progression with you :wink:


This is the only one I can come to terms with. If my afters are decent, I’ll do all angles before and after.

This was a couple of months before my last pregnancy. Late 2006. I was like 169 here.

Welcome Nicole! Know this, we will never give up on you. But you cannot give up on yourself either!

Posting at least once a day is going to get you through this. Go through and read the articles on this website, too, as they are a wealth of info.! Posting here, staying accountable, supporting others, and reading the articles is what has gotten me through the tough times.

You can do this! Your dream body is within reach, and we are all here to help pull you along!

Thanks firmgrrrl. I definitely will. I was reading through your stuff before I started. I think you commented on your sex drive. Sorry if I’m wrong. But that made me laugh. Hi Austin, I was wondering if you would stop in. You always welcome everyone! Shonaa, if I am not mistaken, you are much taller than me. You also have a ton of lbm. Thanks though.

So I did the NEPA, came home and sat a few minutes and made the BF’s lunch cuz he was all mad I didn’t want to do it yesterday. Then I lifted. I had to do it at home today with dumbbells. It was tiring but I love it when you get to the point your legs or any body part wants to give out on you. I think I went light on my squats. And I did the bench on a ball cuz I don’t have a bench. The weights are those old kind with the plates and the skinny bars you load them on. Not sure if anyone remembers those. I think the bars weigh about 2 1/2 lbs. I used 30lbs on each bar for all of the exercises. I don’t usually do the upright row, but today I did and I felt it down the entire back side of my body.

On the emotional side of things, when I had a little argument with the BF today I did not go eat something and I did not decide not to work out. Usually I feel like I just want to do nothing when that happens, not today. One of my food weaknesses is french bread in olive oil. I like my carbs. I wonder if the lack of carbs is making me more attentive and not so sluggish. I am quite surprised at the amount of energy I have! I’m also surprised at how much I am talking to everyone. I was so scared to start!

Day 2 is almost done. I got in more shakes today plus the Surge. I used Sharon’s tip for the leucine and crystal lite. It was great. I also added instant coffee to the chocolate tonite with the Superfood and it was ok. I think it’s the Superfood I don’t like. Oh well. I am looking forward to tommorow. I wish I could lift everyday.

Day 3 was o.k. I felt hungrier than I had yet. I cashier part-time at a grocery store and it was hard to smell some of the fresh foods. Today is day 4 and I feel like I’m running on empty. I’m also hungry and a little irritable. I have been following all the tips on the shakes and am doing ok. The kids love tasting the different shakes and, of course, they like them. I have started taking 2 HRX per serving.

I felt a little sick and had a slight headache, but nothing I can’t adapt too. Cooking dinner is hard. We eat a lot of meat here and it smells so good! I am opting for a meatless dinner for the kids tonight since I am really craving meat. Doing the damn grocery shopping is also difficult, but what can you do. I am testing for police officer early May and am getting concerned with the lack of energy. It’s a 1 1/2 mile run. Not sure what to do to maintain my run time until then.

Any suggestions? A couple of years ago I had my metabolism tested so I could count calories. I ate 40/40/20 (protein, carbs, fat) within the calorie range. It was great. I lost a lot of fat rapidly and was working out really hard. Do you think eating 40% carbs (whole grain usually) will be bad after this?

Hopefully the cravings will die down, as they seem to do for most of us. I hear you on the cooking for the family thing and grocery shopping for everybody else. That is hard. I think it will either further your resolve and make you stronger in the end, or it will break you. It’ll be your choice. But it is very difficult.

Lots of people say their energy skyrockets after the first week. So by the beginning of May hopefully you’ll be soaring!

I dont know about your last question; Im sure someone here does.

Hey Nicole, I’m glad you’ve posted some of your challenges with eating emotionally. I had hard time with emotional eating myself, and went on this diet to rectify that. So far, it’s working like a charm! But you really do realize how many times you eat when you get upset, or make excuses not to workout, or pick food off of your kids’ plates w/o thinking. This diet really highlights the behaviors that were making you fat in the first place.

And Lisa speaks the truth, your energy does come back by about the second week. You start to function just fine on all shakes, all day long (with some peanutbutter! having mine right now!). And you’ll probably have an easier time running with some weight gone.

Keep up the good work! You are beginning to change some sabotaging behaviors! Learning from the hard times is what helps you to keep the weight off long term!

Hi NicDragon4,
Today I completed day 4 too and it’s gorgeous in NY and everyone is eating outside. I walked all the way home from work to get my NEPA in (approx. 3.5-4.5 miles/1.5 hours). It was a light walk but i got it in and the whole time was thinking about how amazing I will look and feel in 24 days :slight_smile: You can do it!!! We all can and with motivation and support, there is no way to fail. It’s not so easy entering a weekend but with planning I think we both will be ok.
Keep blogging- it helps!
Good luck!!

Me again. Firmgrrrl-Everything you said is dead on with me. I do have so many excuses. Thanks so much. Today was so challenging for me I thought I might not make it. I started thinking why can’t I just count calories and match the numbers. Well, I could have done that all along and didn’t. I obviously needed something with definite boundaries. You have totally encouraged me. (I think the pb I just ate helped too. :slight_smile: )Not only am I seeing all the times I just throw something in my mouth without thinking, I am learning to take really small bites to make it last as long as possible. Really small. I’m surprised I’m not just licking the pb :). Hope you have a great weekend.

Hi Butterfly. It’s about time we can enjoy being outside. I haven’t much thought about the weekend being any different than the rest of the week. Most of my days are the same. How exciting. I’m home with my kids during the days everyday. I work a couple of nights a week. I hope your weekend goes smooth. Sometimes being at work and not being able to do whatever makes it a little easier. But I know you’ll be fine. You seem determined. Let me know how the weekend goes.
Does anybody know if it’s better to take the HOT-ROX in 2 doses or if it works the same if they’re spread out 1 at a time every few hours?

Today’s workout was pretty good. I had to do it at home again. I did rows instead of lat pulldowns. I was still pretty sore from the other day but the NEPA allowed me to get a good stretch afterwards. I can’t wait to see these muscles again!!

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