Nicks V-Diet 6/25/12


Hi All
This is my first time posting my V-Diet process i have done it once successfully losing 35lbs of fat. I have also failed miserably many times after that and thought chatting with others might help this time. If anyone is starting or in their first few weeks i would love to share stories.

39 yr old Male
weight 224lbs
height 5 8"
semi athletic-soccer,jogging,weight lifting,disc golf

Im on my second day most difficulty at night between 4th and 5th shake food commercials at night are calling to me HELP!!!


Evenings can be difficult at first, mainly because this is when we’re used to just relaxing and eating.

What I did when developing the V-Diet was grab the dog and an audiobook and go for another walk. You have to remove yourself from the tempting environment then replace the eating temptation with something else. The more active and engaged you are, the easier it is to resist evening munching. Even video games beats TV in this regard. Soon, all cravings will pass and it all gets easy.


ok thnx Chris i appreciate the advice.