Nick's First Velocity Diet Experience

I am on Day 5 of the Velocity Diet and wanted to share my experience of what its like at the moment. Put yourself in this position: it is about 3:45pm and I am waiting until 4pm to have my “Mid-Day Shake.” The last shake I had was at 11:30am, thats 200 calories 4 hours and 15 minutes ago, and I am hungry… I went to “lunch” with my colleague and watched him order the most beautiful meal I have ever seen in my life (objectively speaking, it was an average looking meal, but when you’re V-Diet-hungry, average looking food looks very, very good). If I haven’t been clear, allow me to clarify: adhering to this diet is tough. It takes a level of will power that I haven’t had to exert towards anything for quite some time (I quit drinking about 2 years ago and that was tough but this is a close second). Apart from lifting in the Iron Paradise, which is my #1 favorite part of my day, food is my vice, its my comfort, its where I seek solace throughout the day. Not to mention, the V-Diet only lets you get your hands on the iron three days a week and I’m going through #gainz withdrawals! Therefore, giving it up food for most of my day and lifting for most of my week is very difficult and I’m lucky to have a place to share my experience!

I am a healthy, 25 year old male and I started this diet at 211lbs. Here are my measurements:

Neck 16.5in
Shoulders: 51.5in
Chest: 43in
Waist*: 37.5 /39/38in
Hips: 39.5in
Upper Arm: 14.75in
Upper Leg: 25.25in
Calf: 16in
*Take 3 waist measurements: one a few inches above the navel, one across the navel, and one a couple of inches below the navel.

I don’t know what my body fat percentage is but lets put it this way: I’m a big, muscly guy but I’m covered in a layer (or two) of fat + baby fat from being a very fat adolescent (until I was about 13 / 14 years old) and therefore am not defined…all I want in the world is to be ripped and that’s why I made the extreme decision to take on the Velocity Diet. I really hope it works - I will sure as hell do whatever it takes to make it work and to follow it EXACTLY as prescribed. At the moment, I haven’t weighed or re-measured myself (I will weigh myself again on the 7 day mark and will post my progress) but I definitely feel that I have lost a few pounds - the mirror doesn’t lie. I have always loved protein powder and Biotest supplements so I don’t mind the shakes (mixing it up between Vanilla, Chocolate, and Banana). Its all psychological I suppose: of course hunger is a real thing but thats not what gets me; what gets me is seeing delicious food all around me - I live in New York City and the amount of food glorious food constantly around me is just out of control - and I am so tempted by it all the time. That’s the struggle. So hopefully as my body gets used to the diet (its only been 4.5 days) this will get easier and I will get used to not eating solid food until around 7:30pm (when my girlfriend and I sit down to our home-cooked dinner).

I am following the workouts exactly as prescribed - I am on the intermediate plan - and I’m enjoying them: they are tough but no too tough (I’m a pretty serious lifter in general - in the gym lifting heavy 4 times per week). The walking is easy for me: NYC is a walking city so I pretty much get my NEPA in naturally by just being a New Yorker.

Socially, this diet is very difficult to navigate: I work in sales which means a lot of lunches and breakfasts and dinners and “getting coffees” - obviously showing up to these with a protein shake isn’t exactly the most lubricating social experience. I’ve been having caffeine-free herbal tea so that I can order something. I haven’t been having any coffee or nicotine since starting this diet (I generally take Nicorette mints but I’ve used this diet as a motivator to get rid of substantive vices in my life and being nicotine-free and caffeine-free for 5 days is a major accomplishment for me - very happy about that). I am also enjoying cooking my meals at the moment: going to a restaurant with all those delicious fatty / salty / sweet options on the menu just seems like torture at the moment. Last night, I cooked an ostrich steak (purchased at a butcher specializing in meat of all varieties) with grilled tomatoes, 3 tbs of quinoa and a few mouthfuls of kale salad. I’m not using any dressings or condiments apart from a teaspoon of olive oil and a few pinches of salt and pepper here and there.

I plan on keeping this updated in the coming days and weeks. Honestly, just the act of writing all this out has felt very therapeutic and I feel much better - which also may be attributed to the fact that I had my mid-day shake in the middle of writing this out: chocolate/banana blended with a bunch of ice and eaten with a spoon so it was more like a slushy than a drink - excellent.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with more on my experience soon.

How’s the plan going? Sounds like you’ve got the hang of it and are making the best out of the food challenges.

Any reason you were being so sparse with the veggies and clean carbs? You don’t have to gorge, but definitely make sure you fuel up with the HSM when you can.


Thanks for reaching out. I am sad to say that I quit the diet on day 6. I was becoming emotionally unsound: anxious, down, discontent. Plus I had no energy to workout or do much of anything at all. Maybe I wasn’t eating enough for my HSM’s, I’m pretty sure I was but who knows. But once I caved and started eating normally again I felt much better. So I do think the negative feelings had to do with the lack of calories I was consuming. I definitely need to lose fat and to trim down, but I have no interest in doing the Velocity Diet again, at least not for a while. What I’d like is to develop a plan that is customizable to my goals and my lifestyle. If that’s something you could work with me on, that would be great. I have a solid foundation as a lifter but I have serious issues when it comes to my diet: I binge eat regularly and it absolutely destroys my gains. In response to those binges, I cut calories back too much the following day(s) and then I end up bingeing again the next day…and so on and so forth, the cycle continues. My goal is to be big and strong and lean; I’m currently big and strong and soft. If you can help point me in the right direction, I’d be honored to work with you. Thank you and hope you’re having a good day.

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