Nick's 3rd V-Diet Log

Hey guys, this is my 3rd run on the V-Diet. Took about 8 months off from lifting due to some life changes and I’m back into it now. First day is the worst day:

H: 5’11"
Shoulders: 49
Chest: 44
Waist: 40
Waist(smallest): 38.25
hips(largest): 41.34
UA - L: 13
UA - R: 14
UL - L: 25
UL - R: 25
Calf - L: 14.75
Calf - R: 15

Actually started the diet yesterday but hit the first workout today. Was pretty tough, went back to the beginner workout even though I’ve been lifting for about 5 years…the break put me back a ways and I don’t want to kill myself out of the gate. Doing 2 30 min walks/day (morning/night) with my dogs around my neighborhood. I found some really good fiber gummies by vita fusion (sugar free- weight management kind). The fiber one tabs are chalky and make me gag. I have all chocolate Metabolic Drive shakes…love them. Made hot chocolate last night…awesome. I’m also taking Z-12 and a multivitamin. I had my nutbutter last night and almost peed myself it was so good. Hunger pains usually subside after the first few days once the blood sugar levels off.

Good luck everyone, I lost 23 lbs last time…YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Day 3, I’ve been noticeably irritable…just ask my fiance. No worries, the hunger pains have started to subside. Going for an hour walk tonight. The rest of my Biotest stuff came today…6 more MD’s, fish oil, z12, vitamins. Going to add in some MAG-10 in leiu of one scoop of protein, GPC and Powerdrive before workouts (both approved by Chris) as I had some leftovers from doing a Mag Pulse program a few months back.

Day 4, only got 40 mins of NEPA yesterday do to ‘life’ interfering so will get and extra 20 in today. Did 45 mins this am and will do another 45 tonight. Added in some new supps today. Worked out followed by 2 scoops Recovery and 1 scoop MAG-10. Dropping protein shake to 1 scoop. Also did a scoop of Powerdrive and cap of GPC pre WO. 2nd lifting session…overhead presses and deadlifts were killer. Definitely running on empty today so I went out and got a few decaf 5hour energy’s. I’m very caffeine sensitive and HOT-ROX do NOT agree with me…i get chest pains from them or even a reasonable amt. of caffeine. Looking forward to my 1st solid meal and the new numbers.

good job, keep it up!

Last few days have been a lot easier. Shakes have been right on. Workouts have been on point as well. Did T, TH, Sat this week with NEPA near 50-60 mins/day. Throw in some golf and I’m right there. First HSM tonight…going to my favorite steakhouse for a bone in filet and some veggies!!! I literally cannot wait. Then tomorrow it’s v-burn. Admittedly, my least favorite part of the workout schedule. For those having issues with the alcohol on this diet…trust me, this is the first time im actually cutting it out completely but I can’t say how much it makes the difference. Not only in the calories but in how I feel. i tried doing the vdiet last year and sneaking in some bacardi and diet cokes on saturday nights (0 carbs, 0 sugar, 66 calories). Not a huge addition of calories if you burn it off but the way you feel trying to do hard cardio with even the tiniest hangover is awful. If not impossible. Just dont start this diet if you can’t give up the booze…it won’t work.

sorry been a while since the last post. Things are still on track. Have been sticking to all my shakes/sups and workouts. Did my 1st vburn yesterday and it was rough as expected. My legs were pretty shredded from the deadlifts on Saturday. But I powered through. Drinking a TON of green tea.

I also found chewing some sugar free gum helps with the hunger pains. I had an amazing bone in filet on saturday night with steamed broccoli and roasted mushrooms. One thing ive noticed is having a TON of gas and bloating. THis is probably from all the fiber I’m taking, will probably back that down to half the amt im taking now.

Did my measurements again and I’m not super excited with the results. Weight was only down 1 pound from my first weigh in. And most of my measurements have only gone down about an inch…some haven’t changed at all. This is FINE though…I know a lot more will come with the next 2 weeks. Just have to stick with it. I’ve been sneaking a bit more than 2 TBSPs of nut butter/day (maybe and extra teaspoon) just to kill cravings so I’m going to try and knock that off.

But I honestly expected a bit more in the weighloss department. Will report again next week on the new measurements. However I do see a big change in the mirror regardless!!

H: 5’11"
Shoulders: 50
Chest: 44
Waist: 39
Waist(smallest): 37
hips(largest): 40
UA - L: 13
UA - R: 14
UL - L: 24
UL - R: 24
Calf - L: 14.75
Calf - R: 14.75

dont worry about only losing one pound. you lost an inch around your waist and added an inch around your shoulders sounds like your building some muscle and losing some fat.

exactly Greg, obviously it would have been great to lose a few more but I’m not worried. If I lose an inch a week I’ll be pretty happy after 6 weeks! And I’m definitely seeing some muscle growth, that could account for the weight not dropping significantly. thanks for the kind words!

All shakes perfect today, did my NEPA this am.

28 mins
215 cals.

Going for 2nd NEPA walk now for another 30mins.

I’m off a day on my workouts since I started on a Tuesday so I’m going to try and do a back to back TH/FR so i can rest on Saturday.

Everything on schedule. Legs are ripped up again from lifting yesterday so going to push next training to tomorrow and do Vburn sunday. Also have to golf sunday, hope i can still stand. Feel pretty good actually…hunger is worst at night. Making the green tea with benefiber “craving killer tea” and that’s helped a lot.

30 mins NEPA this morning, 250 cals. Measurments again sunday morning!! Saturday seafood HSM night at bonefish grill:) cant wait

Hit a scoop of MAG-10 about 30 mins before my NEPA today. My hammys hurt even more than they did yesterday. I’m goning to have to skip the deadlifts and maybe do some quad work for the legs or I wont be able to walk to my HSM tonight. Bfast shake down. Also hit a scoop of powerdrive and capful of GPC pre workout which Im leaving for now. Then its chilean seabass, veggies and brown rice. Pardon my french but im getting a food boner.

do some stiff leg dead lifts with a light weight. that will get a nice stretch in there and help with recovery. if you are having soreness issues you should do this after all of your deadlift sessions.

I caved and did some sumo pulls at 250 (8, 8, 6, 4) then followed up with some lighter straightlegs like you suggested Greg. Hopefully that will aid in recovery time. The soreness is just due to me sitting on my ass drinking beer for 6 months and not training. No pain no gain, Waterbury says to train through it unless your CNS is truly overtrained. We’ll see if I’m walking funny in public tonight…thanks for the ideas though…appreciate it. Strangely, I did some romanian deadlifts at 225 and that’s what shredded the hammys…but its a good soreness.

Rest of the workout was on point. Shakes going down fine. 2nd back of flax today. HSM…tminus 7 hours to HSM!!!

i think you will find that your soreness decreases. my strength and conditioning coach in college was part of a study on DOMS. they found that repeating the exact same workout that caused the soreness the next day would significantly reduce soreness. our coach then carried out this philosophy on us. i had to leg press 1,000 lbs for 50 reps. i could barely walk the next day when i had to repeat that same workout. sure enough the soreness was significantly reduced. the workout kicked my ass both times. i had big legs back then lol

Measurements again today.

W: forgot, need to remeasure tomorrow
N: 16.5
Sh: 49.25
Ch: 44.5
Waist: 38.5
Waist (smallest): 36
H: 41.5
UAL 13
UAR: 13.25
ULL: 24
ULR: 24
CL: 14.5
CR: 15

Took my BP today too, 131/75. My BP has been high this past year and one of the reasons I’m getting back in shape. Diastolic is on point but the systolic is about 10pts higher than I’d like. The diet and exercise should take care of that soon. Still was hoping for a bit more in leiu of measurements but I’ve noticed a big change in the mirror and thats the biggest judge of if things are working.

Did my vburn today too and it was rough. 18.32 mins. Down about a minute or 2 from week 1.

workout yesterday…I haven’t really been logging lifts but my progress has been steady. Some ive been able to up the poundage about 5-10 week, other the shorter rest periods have been enough! I have completed each one though. Had good energy levels after the workout but I’ve been dragging a lot today. Been pretty irritable with lower energy. I know this is due to the restricted calories. I reupped on some new supps today:

Rez V
Alpha Male
Curcumin (for soreness, we’ll see if this stuff works cuz im a great case study!)

I hesitated to add HOT-ROX due to caffeine sensitivity but Shugart suggested taking one at a time with food and that should help. Going to give it a shot as I want to see some improved results with the weightloss. Will updated on my progress.

Nepa, 1 hour walk total

Ok, work out went good today. My new supps arrived in the mail. just hammered down a shake with 3 Rez V, 2 Alpha Male, 2 Circumin and 1 HOT-ROX. I’m buzzing. ha

2nd day on HOT-ROX, took 2 with a shake and I feel fine. Was surprised as I’ve always been sensitive to caffeine. This is GOOD…i wish i would have given it a shot week 1 instead of week 3 but oh well, i’ve got a bottle now. Also cycling the Alpha Male. 2x2/day 5 days on, 2 days off. 3 rez-V/day. 2 circumin/day for soreness. 1 multi-v for vitamin D and magnesium boost. Also had a bottle of Leucine from an old vdiet that was halffull. doing 4 doses/day of that for the heck of it.

Feel pretty good today, 40 mins of NEPA to start.
2.61 miles
15:36/mile pace
326 cals

Back to work! HSM and measurements tomorrow…fingers crossed.

Oh and I remeasured the weight from 3rd round as I forgot before. Down to 201…only a few lbs of weight off but I’m losing inches and I didn’t have a ton to lose in the first place so I’m not too bothered. Want to get down to a very lean 190 and work up from there.

I’m about 5’11’’ and I know I’m adding muscle too…chest and shoulder measurements already increasing…although it’s really hard to get the damn tape measure to sit in the exact same place every time!!!

Chris and I agreed to take off 1 scoop of the night protein and this will drop the weekly cals about 800cals. I’m right on the border of 2 vs. 3 scoops at night based on my weight. I think the program calculator drops it down to 2 scoops if you weigh between 190-200. I think this will accelerate the fat loss.

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