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I’m about two weeks into my Velocity Diet. This time around I decided to do one mainly because on vacation food choices were not an option and I wanted to kick any wheat addiction again and also because my fiance is also on her first velocity diet. Both times I did the two week transition but I wanted your advice this time around.

Already I had the bad cravings switch from junk to salad and those green veggies (only 10 days this time!) which was the main goal this time.

After the 28 days, what are your suggestions on I3G, Anaconda, and Plazma. I have about 4.5 bottles of I3G, close to a full bottle of Anaconda, and 3 bottles of Plazma. I’ll be off I3G for close to 6 weeks after the vdiet now.

Originally I was thinking of finishing the complete velocity diet than moving right into plazma with CT’s layering approach.

Thanks in advance for any input!

I really like CT’s layering approach as well and Meadow’s Reactive Pump. If you wanted to go with Meadows, I think customer service can set you up working with him since you already have the Plazma and Indigo. Give them a call if you’re interested in buying his plan and guidance. 800-525-1940. You only need 6 capsules per day of indigo with that plan too, so that would make it last longer.

Can’t go wrong with CT or JM in my book!

Anaconda is still good stuff so you may want to use it up, then move to Plazma permanently. You don’t use both at the same time though, no need.

Sounds like a plan! JM is a bit out of my budget so I’ll have to pass on that but I think I’ll move into the workouts with Anaconda right after the 28 days and than get started on the Plazma.

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