Newest Boyscout/Girlscout Badge

The V-Diet Badge!

Complete the 28 days and you’re the new proud owner of the V-Diet Badge. Shit…it’s harder than camping or underwater basket weaving or whatever the hell they get 'em for nowadays.

Coming soon: Thin Mint Cookie Metabolic Drive.

Okay, I kid.

But damn, that would good, no? Hey, Mr. Patterson!

hahaha, I’ll take two boxes lil miss.

Okay Chris . . . that was just WRONG!!! I guess I should be glad it wasn’t a picture of a Samoa (sp?) though!


Do you have ANY idea how many girl scouts I have turned down in just the last week both at my front door, in front of my gym, and on street corners!?!?!

Too funny! But I’ll take those abs!!!

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