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Morning -

New to the forum and had a few questions about the Plazma Super Stack.

Quick background on me: I’ve been weight training for a couple years now. I’ve seen some good improvement in that time (mostly in the form of not being such a useless fat-ass), but I’m looking to take my results much further. I’m 6’2 and currently weigh around 190 @ ~15% BF. I would like to get to 225 @ ~10% BF. (Yes, I know, I have a long way to go.) My plan is currently two phases.

Phase 1 - V-Diet to lean out, taking the recommended supplements.

Phase 2 - Mass gaining. This will be a 16-week program with intense workouts every three days. I am planning to use the Plazma Super Stack to maximize my results here. I like the looks of the standard dosing scheme on the product page (3 Plazma doses for the workout, 4 MAG-10 pulses a day (1 post-workout), 6 Indigo-3G tablets pre-workout), so I think I will start with something like that (with some tweaks to the meals).

I have three main questions about my plan.

1 - Does this seem like appropriate supplementation given my current state and goals? If not, what changes would you recommend?

2 - If this seems appropriate, what would the dosing recommendations be for off days? Based on what I’ve read on the respective product pages, I would think something like 3 MAG-10 pulses (instead of the 4 on workout days), 6 Indigo-3G tablets before dinner, and no Plazma? Is that accurate?

3 - I’m assuming with the Plazma Super Stack I wouldn’t put on too much fat during my bulking phase, but if I did (or if I still had BF to lose) I assume it would be appropriate to start another V-Diet at that point?

Sorry question three is more of a V-Diet topic, but it seemed to make more sense to post it here than to post separately. Obviously any advice is greatly appreciated.


I’m not the expert but can weigh in on some of this.

If you’re happy with your body fat pct. now, why do a v-diet before you start? Why not just skip to phase 2? If your diet is good (which it must be based on your metrics) and you’re on Indigo, you shouldn’t put on a lot of BF while you are bulking and if you’re trying to put on that much more muscle, bulking is going to be the real challenge.

Overall - you sound like you’re thinking about the right things. Peri-workout nutrition with Plazma and MAG-10 for recovery is a great plan! Just curious, are you planning on the 4 pulses being 1 when you wake up, 1 an hour after workout, 1 an hour after that, and 1 before bed?

If you’re looking at additional supplements, you may consider:

  • Carbolin 19 is great for staying lean and adding muscle. Might help.
  • Micro-PA, the new stuff, is pricey but seems to be effective (my weight’s gone up and I’m feeling awesome pumps at the end of my workouts.)
  • Creatine Malate - 35 lbs of lean mass is a long way to go.

Good luck!

Your plan looks fine overall, but note that most who use Indigo-3G also lean out while gaining muscle. So you may not need a full V-Diet first.

And unless you screw up the training and solid food intake, you will not gain fat using proper workout nutrition supplements. The body does not treat those carbs the same way it does whole food carbs (in fact, Plazma and Mag-10 carbs are thermic in nature) plus Indigo-3G partitions nutrients toward muscle gain not fat storage. (And yes, you would obviously not use Plazma - a workout nutrition supplement – on days you do not work out.) Lastly, don’t think “bulking phase.” Outdated term. With the right peri-workout protocol and Indigo-3G, you do not have to get fat to gain muscle and can in fact lean up.

Instead of the V-Diet, consider adding Micro-PA to your plan. You can read about people’s results so far (muscle gain and fat loss at the same time) in our new forum:

Thanks for the quick responses. Micro-PA is intriguing. I’ll have to do some reading and reconsider the V-Diet. If I can skip having to worry about “leaning” regularly that would certainly help me add 40 lbs of lean mass a lot quicker.

@wgraveman - I tend to workout in the afternoon or evening, so my pulses would probably be after breakfast, between lunch and my workout, post-workout, and then before bed.

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