Newbie to Plazma Protocol

I ordered my Plazma,but after reviewing much of the protocol I realized it seems a lot of the Mag-10 and Indigo is required. Could I use the same protocol disregarding the Mag-10 & Indigo or wait to start the program and order the other two?

It’s up to you. Plazma can be used as a standalone supplement too. The labels list ideal workout nutrition protocols for advanced lifters and those that really push their limits and want the best results.

I had a lot of people also tell me with the increase in size you will cause a decrease in speed like in Olympic lifts, ultimately I’m just seeking strength, gaining mass and looking better would just be a big plus…
But I’m really considering the MAG-10.

I’m also pretty young, just turned 18. I don’t know if that will have any play with the effects or not.

And thank you for the reply

Not necessarily true about the Olympic lifts. You may want want to ask Christian Thibaudeau about that in his forum. He’ll have some insights.

Age doesn’t really matter with these supplements. Expect that I wish I’d had Plazma and Mag-10 at a young age!

If you use Plazma before and during training and decide to pick up some Mag-10 too, then have a serving of Mag-10 after training. It can also be used between meals, before bed etc. Very versatile.

Thank you!

Quick question, what if I made 1200ml rather than the 1500ml?

[quote]Diego Menendez wrote:
Quick question, what if I made 1200ml rather than the 1500ml?[/quote]

Typically the listed amounts are the minimum required amounts, you can always go higher than recommended but usually not less. How many scoops of Plazma you are using will also determine that amount of water needed as well.

I would try working your way up to 1500ml, honestly, 300ml more is something you should be able to handle if you’re already at 1200ml. Its less than you think.

My mistake was not waiting for the foam to settle before adding more water, so when it settled in the morning it was 300ml short. That was the first time I took it, strong taste but that’s about it. Will definitely add more water this time. And I had been using the standard 3 doses.

My main problem is just drinking all that fluid

[quote]Diego Menendez wrote:
My main problem is just drinking all that fluid [/quote]

If someone isn’t use to it, yeah at first it can take some working up to but trust me eventually your body will get used to it, heck i use 3 servings as well and on most days i go up to 2000ml.

With the great electrolyte balance Plazma has and the extra fluid, it really guarantee’s hydration and a great pump in the working muscles.

Don’t sweat it you’ll adjust to the amounts.

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