Newbie to Indigo 3g and Plazma

I actually have 2 questions. Currently I am taking a pre-workout(no-xplode) and aminos (xtend) during my workout. I just purchased the Plazma and Indigo-3G. First question,Do I take these with my current supps or should I just eliminate what I am currently taking?

Second Question, Budget is a huge factor for me (its why I have been reluctant to purchase in the past) will I still see some results even if I can’t take these two at suggested dose? Thanks

  1. No. NO-type products have no real effects anyway besides “feel.” And Plazma has you well covered with everything else like aminos.

  2. Yes. Many people find that all they need is two servings of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma for example, one pre-loaded and one intra-workout. With Indigo-3G, stick with 6 capsules once per day. There is a point where you need to take the recommended amounts. While a capsule or two of Indigo-3G would have an effect, it may not be an effect that you notice.

As for budget, you should be saving plenty by getting rid of the unnecessary or redundant supplements. If most people would get rid of the silly, ineffective teenager supplements, they’d have plenty of money to spend on the really important ones, like proper peri-workout nutrition.

thanks Chris can’t wait to try it

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