New Vs Older Version

So I am pretty sure I’ll be doing my fourth round of the velocity diet this summer. For the most part I’ve never regained the weight lost. However, I have back slide over the past few years in part to work, travel and age. So having done the 2 previous versions of the VDiet, I am curious on peoples opinion as to how the 3.0 compares?

I think the daily HSM is appealing but I liked the rigidity of the previous models and stuck to the rules successfully. I loved the version I did first 7 years ago because it was the most life changing and the most effective (had the most to lose though).

I am also curious about the removal of HOT-ROX and using Plazma rather than Surge?
Any experienced VDieters have thoughts? I trust the people putting it together to make it the most effective and that perhaps the 3.0 is easier to follow but that’s not really what I found appealing to begin with.

  1. Hot-Rox is always optional for the V-Diet, but probably not needed. It’s fine to add it back in.

  2. Plazma is superior to Surge Recovery, and we’ve learned a lot about the importance of pre- and intra-workout nutrition since the original V-Diet. Plazma will provide more energy for training, allow you to get more out of the session, and boost recovery better.

  3. For most people, the new V-Diet will be easier to stick to, but it’ll give them the same great results as the older version. Less “painful,” same good results, if not better results.

All that said, if you like the rigidity of all-shakes and a weekly HSM, that’s still a great plan. There is something appealing about its strictness. But one of the legitimate criticisms of the early V-Diet was that there was only one day per week to “practice” healthy eating. With the new version, you get to do that every night. Better for long-term results I believe. You leave the diet better prepared for everyday healthy eating to keep the fat off long-term. Plus the daily solid meal allows more room for family meals, social occasions etc.

I do suggest you give Plazma a shot though. Most Surge fans never go back after using Plazma. It’s just a more advanced, upgraded workout nutrition supplement. And the pre-loading really makes a difference in the workouts.

I concur with Chris. I have done the old version of the V-Diet thrice and the new version is much easier to follow. I have started the new version one week ago. While Surge certainly tastes better than Plazma, my V-Diet workouts have been much more productive this time than during my previous V-Diets and Plazma is the only variable which is different. I was able to follow the old version without cheating, but I must say the new version is much easier on my family and colleagues. I can have a meal with them without them thinking that I have gone totally mad.

I did the 2005 version a few times but always added a HSM at night with healthy carbs because I go insane after a few days of a low-carb diet. So I basically did back then what the eating plan is now and had awesome results.

About to start again when my Metabolic Drive shows up Wednesday, but gonna use Brain Candy to combat the blahs of low calorie dieting.

Brain Candy should do the trick! Keep us posted.

Will do, I’ll keep everyone posted in the V-Diet forums.

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