New Velocity Diet Is Out

For those asking V-Diet questions, we’ve updated the plan for 2015 and beyond. You can get the new plan here: <a href=""target=“new”>Free V-Diet eBook

Surprised it does not include MAG-10. Is the Pulse Feast still a better strategy for fat loss while maintaining muscle?

Unimog, two different strategies, both good. A lot of people have a tough time controlling calories for fat loss when they’ve only had Mag-10 during the day (not as filling as a Metabolic Drive shake.) I personally think the V-Diet is better for fat loss, for most people.

Now, a V-Dieter could subtract one shake from the day’s total and add in a couple of Mag-10 pulses between Metabolic Drive shakes. Very doable and I’ve experimented with that variation myself. But we didn’t want to complicate the new V-Diet plan too much.

The Pulse Feast is more like “intermittent fasting” without the drawbacks… it is more like a regular, moderate to long term eating philosophy whereas the Velocity Diet is the most effective short term strategy for extreme fat loss and body recomposition.

Thanks CS and CT! I have been doing the Pulse Feast and CT’s 80-90-92-60% WO for last month and a half. I have lost about 1 lb/week which is slower than I hoped for, but I am making great progress on strength and hitting PRs. My primary goal is improving body comp by losing fat, but I am a powerlifter and it is hard to give up something that is still working. Can the 80-90-92-60 style WO be made to work with Vdiet without compromising the program? (Provided the diet is followed and NEPA is done?)

Never mind about the question from the last post. I looked over my training logs and I have been losing 1.5 lbs per week not 1 lb for the last 6 weeks, while adding weight to the bar every week. As long as that streak continues, I won’t mess with it. Also my home gym is not set up for several of exercises in V-Diet WO and would need substitutions.

I still have some questions, but I will get to them in later.

Interesting update on the diet, Chris.

As someone who has followed this diet a few times, and been along for the ride since your very first log about it way back when you first developed it, What were the factors that lead to you changing the meal plan to a HSM every night now? Aside from other minute changes that one jumped out at me as fairly “huge” (although given the calorie differences it really isnt THAT crazy, but I remember the 1 weekly HSM being a non-negotiable thing for YEARS)

Good question. The daily HSM (healthy solid meal):

  1. Will increase compliance and overall success rate. It’s easier to an extent, yet calories are still controlled so fat loss is the same.

  2. Allows the V-Dieter to “practice” healthy meals more than once per week, helping them keep the fat off after the diet and allowing the taste/craving changes to solidify better. Every HSM is a chance to learn a skill they’ll keep after the V-Diet.

  3. It’s more convenient socially - having a meal with the family, dinner out etc.

  4. Allows us to get rid of the flax seed and nut butter component, which were problematic to some people. The healthy fats and fiber needs get taken care of in the daily HSM. The was just too tricky – some people had digestion issues with it, they bought poor quality stuff, let it go rancid etc. No need for it with the new plan.

Thanks for the reply, that’s about what I figured.

I always thought the diet was a bit “crazy” for the gen pop, this seems like a much easier pill to swallow (with a Metabolic Drive shake, of course) with essentially the same results

If you guys still made FA-3, would it have a role here?

[quote]JoinInTheChant wrote:
If you guys still made FA-3, would it have a role here?[/quote]

It could, but all fat besides fish oil (Flameout) can be taken care of in the daily HSM.

with regard to the exercises, can i use the ibodybuilder program by Chris Thibaudeau, instead?

[quote]charli_dey wrote:
with regard to the exercises, can i use the ibodybuilder program by Chris Thibaudeau, instead?

For best results, use the V-Diet plan or something very close to it. It’s designed specially for fat loss and muscle retention. Best not to mix and match, though some have done that with success.

thank you

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