New V-Dieter Started 3/2 - Late Entry

Hey Everyone,

So, I started this thing on Mar 2 but am just now getting around to making my first post.

A little background: I’ve been training solely for and competing in Olympic-Style Weightlifting since 2001 on the state and regional level (PR’s of 273 lb Snatch and 327 lb C&J). However, I started weight training in 1997 as a college freshman. I grew up playing sports year-round and was a decent multi-sport athlete but never really touched a weight until I was 18. It was then that I got tired of being skinny and decided to hit the gym and start lifting weights.

Luckily, I found this website back in its early years and became a loyal reader. Heck, I still have about 10 of those black with yellow lettering “Testosterone” T-shirts that used to come free with supplement orders back in the day. An injury a few months ago kept me from lifting heavy and forced me to eliminate the competitive lifts for a while. So, after having time to think about my long-term goals for health/fitness/conditioning/weightlifting, I transitioned to a fitness/bodybuilding program and found the V-Diet the perfect place to start.

Let’s face it - if you train hard you want to at least look like you train hard, right? A heavy squatting day had always been my perfect excuse to pig out on hot wings and pizza whenever I felt like it.

So, my pre-diet stats:

Ht: 6’0"
Wt: 228.8 lbs (normally 235 lbs but recent injury/more cardio/less weights/diet changes brought this down a bit)
Bodyfat: Not measured professionally but Tanita scale says 19.1%

3/2/09 A.M. measuremements (inches, all done relaxed no flexing)
Calf 15.5 16
upper thigh 26.25 26.5
waist, navel 39.125
waist, belt line 38
hip, midglute 42.125
ankle 9 9.25
wrist 7 7
bicep 15.375 15.375
neck 16.75
chest 47
shoulders 51.5

So far everything is on-track and going well. The shakes have kept my appetite in check much more than I expected, though getting through the monotony of the liquid diet obviously takes discipline. I’ve lost 10 lbs in the first 12 days, so the progress is motivating. In fact, I just ordered the supplements for my wife to start the V-Diet next week. She’s said watching me do it has motivated her to get something started. Thanks for reading my story - I’ve found the forum to be very helpful. I’ll post updates and more pics.

Another Pic…

Last One…

[quote]FastPull wrote:
I’ve lost 10 lbs in the first 12 days, so the progress is motivating. In fact, I just ordered the supplements for my wife to start the V-Diet next week.

Nice work so far! Have you taken a second set of tape measurements yet?

No I haven’t. I was going to at week 4 but it sounds like maybe I should?

[quote]FastPull wrote:
No I haven’t. I was going to at week 4 but it sounds like maybe I should? [/quote]

You can do tape measurements weekly or at the halfway point, then the end point.

It’s mainly a motivational thing. Scales can be wonky so one week you may see only a couple of pounds lost. But if the more accurate and reflective-of-your-hard-work tape measurement tells you that you lost an inch or more from your belly, well, that just ramps up motivation and compliance.

I’d suggest taking a second set of measurements on day 14 or 15.

Okay - measurements will be up in a few days.

My general comments so far:

  1. Again, I am really surprised how satiated you remain while on the diet…I think the flax meal has a lot to do with this. I’m used to eating close to 3000 kcals to maintain bodyweight weight at normal training intensity/volume levels.

  2. If you compete in any sport where you have to make weight, then I think this might be THE best diet program for doing so. My past methods have mostly included keeping macronutrient ratios the same but just cutting portion sizes in half for a few days to a week up to weigh-in. However, w/ the V-Diet, I think the 24/7 liquid flush w/ flax helps get the lower intestine cleaned out better to eliminate that extra “crap stuck in your gut” weight.

For being in a reduced calorie state, the diet also seems to be most conducive to keeping strength levels up compared to others I’ve tried…my loss has been 10 scale pounds in 12 days (have yet to look at new tape measurements).

  1. Weekend challenge days are a kick in the arse! Even if one is in relatively good cardio shape, I can’t imagine this one ever feeling easy! If 95% of your training for the last 7 years has consisted of all sets having no more than 5 reps, then it will MOST DEFINITELY kick you in the arse! However, the feeling of accomplishment (and massive levels of endorphins) once you are finished with the workout is teriffic.

  2. The first few weight training workouts may feel easy. You might get the temptation to increase intensity and/or volume…don’t. The workouts will become more challenging as your weight selection gets better and the rest periods shorten up.

  3. For me, diluting the shakes with extra amounts of water helped tremendously in getting them down the ol’ piehole. The thick-texture pudding-type method is not for me.

  4. Thank God for zero calorie sweeteners and diet soft drinks. I use the diet drinks and sweetened black coffee very sparingly, but they help with the sweet tooth cravings.

  5. It helps to chew lots of zero calorie gum in-between shakes, also, to curb the appetite.

First set of new measurements taken on 3/17/09 (Day 15)

Here are the changes in the tape from Day 1 to 15:

		         L		        R

Calf 0" -9/16"
upper thigh - 1/4" - 5/8"
waist @ navel -1 1/4"
hip @ midglute - 5/8"
ankle 0" 0"
wrist 0" 0"
bicep 0" - 1/4"
neck - 1/4"
chest + 1/4"
shoulders + 1/4"

A.M. Bodyweight: - 10.2 lbs

Overall quite pleased with what the tape is showing. Arms, chest, and shoulder size all staying about the same, which is very encouraging. Over an inch lost on the waist! Not sure what to think about the loss around the hips…I haven’t been able to use the recommended loads on leg excercises (sometimes having to substitue squats for less effective leg movements) due to a low back injury, so not sure if this loss is due to a little muscle atrophy or just glute fat (ha ha). Same goes for loss on right thigh (I have a little referred pain in the right hip)…Either way, it is just something to work through - like anything else. The motivating news for me is that the upper body seems to be responding well to the hypertrophy work that it hadn’t received in a while.

Thanks for writing such a kick-butt program, Chris…

I’m thinking about maybe posting some Day 21 pics as well…Hope to have those up unless I chicken out and decide not to spoil the “final” ones…


Nice going Fast. You sure don’t look your weight, IMHO, a good thing. Stay after it.

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I actually get that from time to time about not looking my weight…I can’t suppose it is a bad thing. Day 16 down, 12 more to go…

Time to start dreaming about Saturday’s HSM!

Nice work - half way there!

Second set of measurements taken on 3/22/09 (Day 20)

Here are the changes in the tape from Day 1 to 20:

                   L	                            R 

Calf -0.25" -0.5"
upper thigh - 1.0" - 1.25"
waist @ navel -1.6"
hip @ midglute -1.1"
ankle 0" 0"
wrist 0" 0"
bicep -0.1" -0.4"
neck 0"
chest - 1/4"
shoulders 0"

A.M. Bodyweight: - 13.0 lbs

Been following the diet strictly…Not much to update on a day-to-day basis other than food, ALL FOOD, smells really good to me all the time now. I hope I’ll never take another grilled chicken salad for granted! Oh yeah - went out and bought some almond butter (had never tried this before) and the stuff rocks…

I continue to be pleased with the progress and measurements. All in all I’m eagerly awaiting the final pics and tale of the tape. Oh yeah, I have a new found respect for those that get themselves into single digit BF% levels and stay there…I’m still a ways off.

Here’s a quick recent pic…looks like maybe just showing a bit more V-taper w/ the smaller waist and same shoulder measurements

Oops…here’s the pic.

Alright, sorry, don’t want to put up a “look at me” post but I was screwing around with the camera and figured what the heck…Three weeks of calorie deprivation ought to buy me something…

Noticed a little more separation in the shoulders/chest/arms although the waist is one stubborn SOB…It’ll take some serious long term V-Diet Part II and NEPA to get that bugger lean and mean.

Stay with it. Going good. Most good things take time. “if it were easy everybody would do it” is true, way to hang tough.

Pretty good bicep development for an oly lifter!! Lookin lean man.

Thanks guys for the encouragement…

Yeah, I started throwing in some “curls for the girls” a couple of months back…

28 Day Results Summary:

Bodyweight: 228.8# --> 212.6# = 16.2 # Lost

BF%: Home scale says 4.5% lost but I’m going to get this done a little more accurately after week 6

Delta Measurements:

                          (L)        (R)

Calves: 0 -0.25"
Upper Thigh: -0.75" -1.0"
Waist, navel: - 2.4"
Waist, belt: -2.0"
Hip: - 1.0"
Bicep: -0.25" -0.4"
Neck: -0.1"
Chest: - 1.0"
Shoulders: -0.75"

It has been a very challenging and rewarding experience all at the same time. Am pleased with the results…my wife started exactly two weeks after I did so now I get to help her get through it while I transition to the daily HSM’s…she does not hesitate to curse me every day while I tell her what I ate for lunch!

Will post more at end of week 6 - a little short on time right now.

To all those who are thinking about taking the plunge or are currently going through the program…good luck, best wishes, and keep with “The Grind” - It will pay out!!

Oops, having trouble posting pics…working computer bugs out…

Awsome FastPull just Awsome! Day 12 for me and grinding.

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