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Well I suppose this thread can count for a blog.

About me…
5’8" 178 lbs
38" waist and that’s all I care about at the moment. Haven’t measured BF%.

I’ve lost 56 pounds on the weight scale in the last 2 years. I’ve added some muscle mass too, so fat loss is perhaps 65 pounds or so. I did all this with “common sense” nutrition and later with Berardi’s Precision Nutrition plan. Fortunately, this obvious success is insulating me a bit from would-be v-diet doubters around me.

I don’t know how much I need to lose. I’d just like to not have a bulging gut. I could continue to SLOWLY loose weight over time, but at this point I’m ready to hit it with a sledge hammer and I think the V-Diet is that hammer.

6/22, Sunday, Day 1 - Felt hungry, but not starving. But this isn’t a lifting day and I also didn’t get my NEPA. Busy all day & night. Yeah, I know. I’ll get with it. I promise.

6/23, Monday, Day 2 - Today was a lifting day. Boy that full serving of Surge was great. Thought I’d feel stark raving ravenous all day, but didn’t. Like yesterday, hungry but not starving. Although when feeding time came I was rapidly getting hungrier by the minute. Heading out for 3 mile NEPA right now…

What are you doing for your weight training program? Are you following Waterbury’s program he wrote for the V-Diet? Also, do whatever you have to do to get the NEPA walks in. The last time I did this I started out doing them but it didn’t take long before I rationalized them away. I still got good results but I wish I would have done everything to the letter just to see what I could have done. But I’m doing everything just as written this time to see what happens.

Post some pics so we can follow your progress. And even if you don’t post them, I would recommend you take the other measurements that are listed in the V-Diet instructions because you’ll find you are losing inches from more places than just your gut.

I’m doing Waterbury’s intermediate v-diet workout program. Thanks for the tips. I have some pictures. I need to do all of the tape measurements.

[quote]shanec26 wrote:
I’m doing Waterbury’s intermediate v-diet workout program. Thanks for the tips. I have some pictures. I need to do all of the tape measurements.[/quote]

Good deal, I’m doing the same workout and it is a lot of fun!

6/24, Tuesday, Day 3

Felt a bit hungrier in day 3 than in day 2 which had been a bit worse than day 1. I gather this is going to build until about week 3.

I’m not feeling week. Instead, I’m feeling sleepy. I’ve been reading about Gus having some coffee and/or green tea. I’ll give that a shot.

Despite being sleepy. I’m not sleeping well at night. I’ll try some ZMA tonight. That usually does the trick (sue me, only 80% of my supplements are Biotest).

Speaking of suppliments, here’s what I’m taking…

Alpha Male instead of HOT-ROX. This is due to blood pressure sensitivity to HOT-ROX. I could have gotten Carbolin 19, but I figured for a few bucks more I might as well spring for Alpha Male.

Biotest Superfood

Biotest BCAA

Biotest Metabolic Drive

Bob’s Red Mill ground flax seed

Smart Balance Omega3 Peanut Butter

Metamucil fiber caps

“off-brand” (booooo, hissss I know) fish oil

“off-brand” (booooo, hissss I know) ZMA

A multivitamin - say, is it true Superfood negates the need for a multi? I hadn’t know that but its something I heard today from a friend.

Gonna add coffee/green tea soon. Heck, right now even though its 6:30 PM and I’ve complained about sleep. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Well I guess it’s debatable whether a multivitamin is needed in the first place. There is a thread about it over in the supplements and nutrition forum if you’re interested. I’m not taking a multi, but I take 2 servings a day of Superfood (mixed into vanilla Metabolic Drive shakes).

I had the same problems as you with regards to sleep. I would be very tired during the day and evening but then when it came time to fall asleep I would just lay there forever. I tried both ZMA and Z-12 but neither helped me fall asleep. What finally worked for me was getting some melatonin. You can pick it up at Wal-Mart or any drug store for 4 or 5 bucks. I take 3 mg (I think…one pill) at night and it seems to help.

A respost from what I just put on allenkt’s thread:

Thanks to Gus for inspiration on making these shakes a little more interesting. After feeling sleepy all day on low carbs, it was a good idea to get some coffee in.

So I made a vanilla shake with Superfood and instant coffee added. It was tasty and a petty good boost too.

Oh, as usual, ZMA did the trick for me last night. I hadn’t had trouble falling asleep so that part was no problem. ZMA helped me sleep a lot more restfully.

you should scrap the smart balance peanut butter and get some natty pb whose ingredients are “peanuts, and maybe salt”

the smart balance uses roasted peanuts and has palm oil. just a thought.

Smart Balance info:


Calories 200 Calories from Fat 150
Total Fat 17g
Saturated Fat 2.5g
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 2g
Monounsaturated Fat 12g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 110mg
Potassium 190mg
Total Carb 6g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 1g
Protein 7g

I understand tiny bit of molasses in here is what makes Smart Balance have the texture of the Jiff & Skippy’s of the world - which is why I like it. Its got a smooth texture without having HFCS and other manufactured junk.

Questions -

Is palm oil bad? I wasn’t aware of that.

Another curiosity - why not just eat the same calories in actual peanuts?

Thanks for the info.

6/25, Day 4, Wednesday

The trend continues - I’m feeling a little hungrier each day. Thankfully, that is still more of an annoyance than a stark-raving ravenous must-eat feeling of obsession.

More good news is that workout days don’t leave me hungrier than non-workout days. And I’m working hard too. I think Surge is to thank for this. That stuff works.

Each day, I wake up not terribly hungry. The hunger builds until mid afternoon and tails off from there. I hate trying to sleep hungry, so I usually have that last shake no more than an hour or 1.5 hrs before bed.


I haven’t said much about NEPA. I’m walking 2.8 miles in 40-50 minutes. NEPA in the morning on non-lifting days. On lifting days, I lift in the morning and NEPA at night.

I have a stationary bike at home. I toy with the idea of using that instead of walking just for convenience issues. I’ve used it for NEPA purposes (not v-diet related) before with success. For a NEPA ride, I’s usually go with fairly low resistance and pedal at some speed that elevates my breathing, but keeps it to a non-panting level.

Stick to it man. I am looking forward to seeing your good progress.

Yesterday, Thursday, was more of the same.

Today, Friday 6/27 Day 6…VERY TOUGH.

I must start out by saying I already had blood pressure issues prior to V-diet. I take meds and BP is under control, but in the mornings (I work out in the morning) it can get pretty low - like 100/50.

So in today’s work out (Waturbury’s Friday Intermediate workout for the v-diet), I’m was doing that high tempo heavy lifting stuff and was 3 sets from being finished…

Started feeling faint. Gym buddy said, dude you look pale. So I sat down for several minutes. Felt better, went at it again, and…not feeling good so I stopped. At least I almost finished my workout.

This was certainly caused by low blood pressure. In fact I’d just had a checkup Wednesday and everything was OK. From now on I’ll take my meds AFTER instead of before the workout. I’ll also drink more water which should discourage any buildup of bp meds (which would make bp low).

Diet wise, I’m doing great. There is ZERO temptation to quit or cheat. I’m following everything to the letter. Primary issues are hunger, which I can deal with, and being sleepy all day long.

Day 7 measurements - Saturday June 28

This is 2nd thing in the morning. 1st thing was using the restroom. And my “before” numbers are actually from the morning of day 3.

Measurement: Day 3, Day 7
Weight: (Day1=178) 176.4, 173.8

lower ab: 38, 37.5
upper ab: 35, 34
quad: 23, 23
calf: 15, 14.5
chest: 39.75, 40
shoulders: 47.5, 47
bicep: 13.25, 13
neck: 15, 15

Today’s HSM will be: grass-fed ribeye steak, sweet potato, salad consisting of spring mix w/ extra spinach, sprouts, tomato, onion, craisins, homemade italian dressing (oil = evoo).

I bought a whole grass-fed ribeye a while back and had it sliced. They say grass-fed beef has 9x less sat fat than “regular” (all force-fed all-corn feed lot) beef. Just looking at this thing, I’d agree. The fat lines through it are a small fraction of what’s in a “regular” ribeye. I’d bet many people wouldn’t recognize this thing as a ribeye. Furthermore, the fat within is supposed to be a lot higher in mono and/or poly sat fat than a “regular” ribeye.

That HSM on day 7 was sure tasty. I can’t say it was satisfying. I wasn’t full when I was done and I was just as hungry 3 hr later as if I’d only had a shake instead of a HSM. Still, I made my next 2 shakes 1/2 size to effectively cut out a “meal” from that day.

Day 8, Sunday, 6/29 - not bad. Seems to be getting easier despite my hearing week 2 is the hardest. For my NEPA, I did a 45 minute stationary bike ride using about 1/2 my normal resistance and averaging about 70 rpm. Perceived intensity was about the same as the brisk walking NEPA.

Today, Day 9, Monday 6/30 - took my blood pressure med after instead of before the morning workout. Felt fine today thank goodness. More props for Surge - on low carbs and working hard in the gym, its a real shot in the arm. But and hour later…off to get some coffee.

PS - noticed in the gym mirrors today, I’m looking leaner. Nothing dramatic, just leaner.

Hungry. I can see week 2 rapidly getting more difficult. I was really really really hungry before “lunch” time.

One thing helping out on the hungry front is coffee between meals. Must be something psychological about putting something warm in my stomach. The coffee also helps that tired low-carb feeling.

Another helper is that all of my made-at-home shakes now are made with lots of ice. I blend the stuff up with a stick blender to the consistency of thick pudding. It feels a little more solid in my stomach that way.

I know the feeling. That last hour or so before a “feeding” can get pretty rough. Especially doesn’t help when the kids make food that smells absolutely delicious.

Wed, Day 11, 7/2…

More of the same. Sunday was rough, but week 2 hasn’t been as tough as I’d thought. And i’m upping my NEPA duration some. Also working in some low-intensity cycling into it.

Sleep is good. I respond well to ZMA. And after 3-4 days of it, I can stop taking it and the effect stays with me another 3-4 days.

I comfortably wear fresh-out-of-the-dryer 32" Levis that I previously had to get into by exhaling, squeezing, and stretching and even then were very uncomfortable.

S-L-O-W is the best way to describe this diet. I feel no impulsive urges to quit or cheat. I don’t spend all day thinking about food. Heck’s its just now occurred to me that maybe I should plan something for my HSM 3 days from now.

I’m patiently waiting for a month to pass. But for crying out loud these are the slowest 4 weeks I can remember.

[quote]shanec26 wrote:
S-L-O-W is the best way to describe this diet. I feel no impulsive urges to quit or cheat. I don’t spend all day thinking about food. Heck’s its just now occurred to me that maybe I should plan something for my HSM 3 days from now.

I’m patiently waiting for a month to pass. But for crying out loud these are the slowest 4 weeks I can remember.

haha…I feel your pain! I’m actually on vacation right now and I must say that boredom is my biggest enemy right now.

Yeah. Right now I’m just tire of feeling tired & sleepy.

Stayed up late last night playing Counterstrike (online computer game). Whew. And I thought I was sleepy yesterday. I might not make it to 8:30 tonight. Better get my night shake in early.

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