New V-Diet Blog


Hi everyone,
So I decided to finally start my post after totally committing to this diet last night. My husband, Ian, convinced me to start this diet with him a few weeks ago during a conversation on our way home from our all-inclusive honeymoon.

We started our V-Diet this past Sunday and I have to thank you all because every weak moment I’ve had so far I’ve run to this forum to hear that “yes, it’s not easy- but you can do it!” Ian has supported me through this and he’s been a trooper putting up with my mental craziness. Therefore he suggested writing a post so I can be held twice as accountable.

Today is Day 5 for us and it has not been particularly easy to say the least. I think I’ve overcome a lot of little [mental] challenges so far and am learning to just fight right back and not give in!

A few obstacles I’ve hit: starting with being too full! Gosh you’d think on a restricted caloric intake I’d be a zombie. However I’ve found that I’m feeling so full, to the point I might yak if I take another sip. I’ve just learned to suck up! Although, from reading others in the same boat I have taken Chris’ suggestion of reducing 1 scoop a day of the MD which has helped significantly.

Next one, and this is totally me and my preferences, I dislike the taste of the MD. I can taste the processed flavor and it makes my stomach turn :frowning: I have learned recently making my shakes thinner have been helpful in downing them.

Now for the positive:
I’ve been a sweets addict, which is why my husband recommend I do this with him. After about my 23948390th shake I can say this is the first time I’ve truly been repulsed at the thought of desserts, cakes, sweets, etc. Which is fantastic because this diet has done it’s job for me and repositioned my taste buds towards healthier items.

I’m finally learning willpower!! Yes, I had a breakdown moment yesterday… no I didn’t cheat, but I wanted to, oh so badly did I want to cheat! I was texting Ian while I was at work about to have a breakdown at my desk. I was convicing myself this diet wasn’t for me because I didn’t have much to lose to begin with, yada, yada yada.

It dawned on me though that every new adventure Ian and I have encountered since we’ve been married (it’s only been 2 1/2 weeks) I’ve given up on. Scuba diving scared the shit out of me on our honeymoon and I gave up-- and immediately regretted it. I don’t want to disappoint him, or myself for that matter so I made a conscious decision to stick with this no matter what.

I’m craving my HSM and we’ve been planning it since the end of Day 1 when we realized how much we love food! I think we’re going with a Surf n Turf Theme on Saturday.

My stats:
(I didn’t take many because I’m really not looking to lose extra inches because I’m happy with the size of my body, I’m doing this because I want to tone up and get that layer of fat off my belly and show my abs, butt, legs, etc.)

Chest: 35"
Waist: 28.5"
Hips: 35"

Day 1: 128 lbs
Day 2: 126.6 lbs
Day 3: 124 lbs
Day 4: 125 lbs
Day 5: 126 lbs

not sure what’s up with the 1-2 lbs weight gain but I’m not so much focused on that. When I’ve been my leanest I’ve been 125lbs so the weight isn’t what’s important to me right now but I record it just because I’m curious.

Ok, I know I’ve rambled on here but I needed to catch up for the past 5 days! I’ll post our before pictures that we took on Sunday later today.


DON’T WEIGHT YOURSELF EVERYDAY! Your weight fluctuates all the time and when you don’t see the change you want you might start losing motivation whether you believe me or not. Also if you only weigh yourself once a week then you’ll see a bigger difference and get a confidence boost that will remind you to keep going. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yeah, it’s so easy to just “hop” on the scale when its right there. I’m not TOO concerned about the weight at this point because I was pretty comfy being 130 I just want to see the difference in the pictures we’re taking but I totally get where you’re coming from. (of which I apologize! I swear we took pictures and they are coming, it’s just been busy coming back from a wedding & building a house & obviously doing this diet!). It was a tough week but I know that after 1 week I survived!! I’ve had some bad moments but I know the rest of the diet is going to be easier, my mind is more in tune with the diet now!

Ok so I swear- pictures will be on here tonight!!

As for the advice you’ve given mcwisehart:

My starting weight week 1- 128lbs, end of week 1- 123lbs. Pretty cool, and 1 inch lost off my waist, hips and chest.


Yay thats awesome! I’m not going to see how many inches I’ve lost until the end of four weeks so the numbers are higher :slight_smile: