New V-Diet and Boxing

12 weeks out from a fight and looking to use the V-Diet my first 4 weeks to drop weight. The new diet seems to fit the mold of what you recommended in the past for fighters, i.e. one HSM per day. Is the V-diet/exercise program advisable to jump start my weight loss? Or should I wait to a longer layoff?

My plan is to follow the diet and exercise program and add in pad work/bag work/sparring. I won’t be running during the 4 weeks.

The V-Diet is a good “kick start” to those in weight class sports. I would not end the prep period with it, but rather begin with it. You can mix boxing training in with the V-Diet workouts, though bag work can replace NEPA (not that extra walking ever hurts.) I may not have recommended the V-Diet for in-season athletes in the past or those close to competition, but the new version of the plan can work for this with maybe a few tweaks, if needed, along the way.

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