New Use for MAG-10 & Surge Workout Fuel

First off, the reason I have Surge Workout Fuel is because I like it and my wife has stomach issues. Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10 causes no problems at all. Except, as she puts it, “I’m bloated…”.

I’m 47 and my wife is 46. We moved this week end and since we didn’t have much stuff (we are empty nesters and down sizing) we decided to do it ourselves.

Wake up: MAG-10
Then: Breakfast
Surge Workout Fuel to move stuff, Drink a MAG-10 while driving to new place (about an hour)
Surge Workout Fuel to move stuff, Drink MAG-10 on the drive back.
MAG-10 before bed.

Next day, nothing… I could have used extra Omega’s and/or Curcumin, but otherwise, fine.

And now, since prices have gone down, I cannot wait to try Plazma.

Where were you in the '80… Damn “other old guy” protein stuff…

I’ve said it before. MAG-10 for anybody over 40 should be a must.


Very cool. We think you’ll really like <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma… for workouts or moving day!

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