New to Velocity Diet (Diet Log) - 31Y/O - 242lbs Male

Hello everyone my name is Omar and I’m 31 years old, about 5’10 and as of now 242lb. This is my first time trying out the V-diet and I will try to document my progress as closely and honestly as possible. I hope I can be of some help to anyone else who is also looking start with the diet.
I purchased the V-Diet Pack so I’m really glad Biotest was able to put this together and make it easy to start the process. Also, along with the v-diet pack, I ordered a bottle of Hot-Rox, and since this is my first week taking them, I am taking 1 pill 30 minutes prior to my first breakfast shake. I will try to add a 2nd daily pill during this first week and hopefully see results sooner.

I will start cataloging my progress from day 3 of my diet, the reason is that
Day 1 was on January 2nd (Monday) which was pretty painless, since I didn’t do a workout or anything excessive I was able to simply enjoy the shakes and start exploring the diet.

Day 2 Was a bit of a challenge, being back at work made it a little more difficult to curb hunger and cravings since we tend to have food at the office but I was able to make it through mostly unscathed (I did however eat about 5 spoonfuls of re-fried beans before my last shake of the night) … the cravings won me over. I’m also still experimenting with the HSM and I’m hoping to find some good alternatives, as of the past couple days I’ve had a chicken bowl from Flame-broiler, a fast food restaurant that servers non-fried chicken and beef, so I just buy the half-chicken, half-beef bowl with plain white rice. (the restaurant’s website says its about 5-600 Calories, which fits within the metrics of the V-diet) Any recommendations for HSM’s are greatly appreciated : )

Day 3- This is where I am today, I’ve created this post to, not only, speak about my progress but also about my experience. As of today I’ve been a very good boy. I’ve drank my 2 first daily shakes (and flamouts) and as of now I’m feeling pretty full. However, I’m also feeling a little light-headed. I’m sure it must be due to the lower consumption of calories, and/or adding the Hot-Rox. I’m hoping to get through the day better than yesterday. Big ups for anyone else going through the same journey! (T-minus 26 days)

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My name is Omar and Im also doing the velocity diet, what are the chances(5’10, 191. Please keep updating this log,I should probably make my own at some point but i’m already 3 days and really bad at posting my thoughts if that makes any sense.

On another note that HSM sounds solid. I just cook a whole bunch of veggies, 3/4 a cup of basamti rice and either 6 ozs of lean steak or 8ozs of chicken breast. I then put a decent amount of franks hot sauce on top then eat as slowly as possible.

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