New to Velocity - Any Advice, Info, Feedback Very Welcome

So…New to the program. Starting tomorrow on the recommendation of a good friend, but pretty much jumped in blind. Feel like I am pretty well prepared, but there are always tips and tricks that the experienced gang has to offer that you otherwise don’t find out except through trial and error. Just started to REALLY try to get into decent shape in March after an ACL reconstruction was finally healed.

I would appreciate any info you have to offer.

Thank you,

Take your “before” pics and measurements, and refer back to them if/when things become a grind. Remember that “scale weight” only tells a fraction of a fraction of the whole story. It’s entirely possible to “only” lose a few pounds on the scale but have your physique change entirely.

Play around with non-calorie flavorings. Instant coffee, cinnamon, and mint extract are great and can all work well with vanilla or chocolate Metabolic Drive. Also play around with shake consistency, more or less water to alter the texture and volume of each drink.

Keep a log here for accountability and motivation and review other logs to remind yourself that, by this point, there are easily thousands of people who’ve gone through the V-Diet, so you can get from Point A to Point B like they did.

I just finished. I found that I always had to be prepared with a protein shake because life is just full of interruptions you didn’t plan for, and you don’t want to be hungry, weak and irritable.

What helped me was to have:

  • 5 shaker bottles (all with interchangeable tops & shaker balls)
  • 2 containers filled with protein powder & fish oil pill on top

If you have a car, just throw an empty bottle and protein-filled container in a cool place in your car, or for myself, I just always had them in my backpack. Always rinse out your bottles asap.

I also got a calendar, every morning first thing when I woke up, I put a big fat red X on the date, and I numbered my days. And yes take good pictures and measurements beforehand, I regret not having done that.

Everyone says the first few days were the worst, but the last few were the worst for me. Be prepared to have good and bad hours. And I found that I had to brush my teeth a little more.

Even though I would say this ranks the 2nd best diet I’ve every done, but it was also the hardest. But all of it is worth it, the way I view food has changed. I LOVE chewing, and I’ve eliminated foods like sweets and breads. I can tell instantly which foods now bloat me, I now hate having that really full sensation in my stomach.

Good luck,

Appreciate your help! I do have a question. I work outside a lot and dehydration is always looming. I don’t do Gatorade or sports drinks, but need electrolytes. Occasionally Pedialite is a substitute at 100 calories per liter. Any suggestions on where I can get electrolytes without the calories/sugar?

SaltSticks. Amazon has them

Doing what? Like landscaping/manual labor or something less strenuous? It’s tricky, because anything will throw off the basic idea of the V-Diet (no calories outside of the shakes, workout nutrition, and the HSM), so you’ll have to wing it as best you can.

Surge Workout Fuel is designed with a specific hydration formula, so that could be a good choice, nursing one (145-calorie) scoop for whatever you’re doing outside and shaving that little bit off your HSM for the day to kinda balance it out.

Also worth repeating…

This. So much, this. Cannot/should not be overlooked. Especially when you’re going through multiple shakers per day, spend the few minutes it takes to rinse them out pronto.

Shake remnants left in a sealed bottle, especially overnight at the bottom of a backpack or in the back of a car, can get funky enough to turn you off shakes for a while. Obviously not ideal when you have to knock back a few shakes everyday.

I appreciate the info! I produce and shoot competitive 3 Gun competitions. If I am working a match it’s usually about 10-13 hour days in the heat - meaning 85-105 degrees and fairly strenuous. If I am just shooting it’s generally only about 8 hours same temperature, but just lots of walking. I drink a ton of water, but sweating that much depletes way more than just water. I appreciate any and all suggestions.

I have a question. Couldn’t find how to write it on my own post.

The V diet has changed from eating once a week to eating each day.

Why has this changed?
Are you still expected the same results?

[quote=“Ciannej1, post:9, topic:6529”]
The V diet has changed from eating once a week to eating each day.

Why has this changed?[/quote]
Couple of reasons. First, it’s just more practical. “Dinner with the family” is back on the table again, literally, instead of having to sip a shake while the your significant other has a tantalizing meal that you can’t touch. It should also lead to less cheating, since you can have a steak or bbq chicken or mashed potatoes or whatever clean good food you’re after every night of the week.

It also reinforces the habit of having good food and makes clean eating part of the new-normal, which is essential for anyone whose never been able to dial in their nutrition before. Like the V-Diet manual says, “Think of this as a daily opportunity to “practice” lifelong healthy eating habits.”

For sure. If the HSM guidelines are followed (like calorie range and food choices), it won’t slow down progress at all. If the “HSM” - healthy solid meal - turns into “I’ll hit the drive-through, but have a side salad, cheeseburger without the bun, and just a small order of fries”, then… no.

Basically, as long as the daily healthy solid meal isn’t twisted into “daily cheat meal”, you should see great progress following the V-Diet plan to the letter.

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