New to V-Diet Q's

  1. Basically I was seeking advice on which program to start on, beginner or intermediate, being that I’ve intermittently done xfit over the past 1.5 yrs and feel comfortable with all the prescribed excersices.

  2. The plank or plank & extend arm, I imagine are hold as long as possible, and then the rep ones, are reps right ? Such as the roll out (40 x), and the arm extension planks (40x) ?

  3. Creatine, safe to add ? Or should I stay away and only use the provided supplements ?

I found the answer to creatine, and the plank… took 8 pages of previous forum posts to find it !

Sounds like it’s ok… now would it really benefit muscle growth while on this program ? I’ve never used creatine persay except to help with ATP levels. And what I mean by that, is that I’e never loaded it, and then maintained it to boost muscles growth… I mean, worth trying, or to heck with it ?

Which level of the program? Really hard for me to answer. You can always start one, see how it feels for a week, then adjust if needed.

Creatine: Up to you, just don’t freak out if creatine makes scale weight wonky. It’s not fat gain, it’s water.


I was wondering about the transition phase. I purchased the program and am in my week 3. Good results thus far, I’ve lost 10lbs on the scale, but I’ve built muscle and lost inches already. Photographs week to week really show an improvement and I’m encouraged. I plan on posting my experience and measurements when I’m done.

One question that arose, was how to deal with the transition phase.

  1. how do I ‘gradually’ bring back more solid food ?

  2. I want to keep going, honestly the changes are a powerful motivator, but I’m starting to run low on product (plasma), I don’t know what an intelligent continuation plan is. I mean I’m debating buying the program again, but I sorely miss food. How do I progress? Can I keep with the same workout routine ? How will not having product affect things? Should I swap workout routines ? (Thus NEPA & workouts seem to be working good - take out the 4 shakes and plasma, and I don’t know what’ll happen)

  3. Flameout, can I keep buying it and taking it as a supplent ? It seems to have more doses in one capsule than 3-4 my wife’s daily omega 3 supplements have. Do I need to watch the quantities ?

  4. what I like about this program is that its helped develop a habit (I need a forced habit) and I want progress to keep going I just don’t know how to intelligently go about it, and whether or not I should do the plan a second time in a row - I’m overweight because I love eating and am wondering if I can curb my love/desire for food by doing this nutrition plan longer. I figure most other people are successfully staying fit with good nutrition and constant working out, I should be able to do that to. I hope that at the end of this 6 week program that I don’t desire food as much and I’ll have a habit of working out 4 times a week.

The #1 thing: Never go back to eating crappy foods. That’s really it. You’ll need more calories of course, but keep it all healthy. The body auto-regulates and you lose the cravings for the junk. Some people choose to have a couple of HSMs per day then keep having a couple of shakes per day as a transition. And of course, most fit people keep protein shakes around for easy, quick meals. You don’t have to be “on a diet” to use Metabolic Drive. Same for Flameout. Many take it for life, 4 capsules per day, just as many take a daily multi-vitamin. Likewise, any one who trains hard can benefit from workout nutrition such as Plazma. Most people who use it are not on the V-Diet.

As for training, you can continue with it, or pick a new plan from the T Nation archives that challenges you different of fits into your new goals.

Hi Chris,

Thanks again. I’m going to give this another round because I liked the results. I read the new 3.5.1 PDF which has the " EXTENSION PLAN " as opposed to the “transition phase”.

Last time I did this, I only had enough superfood and supplements for the 28 days (4 weeks) and not the transition phase - sorry, “extension plan/phase?”

I’m a little confused about the exntension part. Can you talk/comment about what’s supposed to be happening in terms of the extension plan ? Is the V-Diet is really only 28 days right ? Or is it 28 days of full supplements + 2 weeks of extension with no supplements ?

Am I supposed to have enough supplements and protein powder to continue through the extra 2 weeks? Am I supposed to be increasing my HSM during that phase and just going cold turkey on the superfood/flameout if I run out during the prior 28 days? Please add some insight, I think the PDF could use clarification on that because I’m still wondering about that part.


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