New to V-Diet; Need Some Help

I posted this in the Velocity life forum but its probably a better choice to post it here…

I have soccer Friday nights. Its the only night i have soccer. Should i add a extra Surge Recovery shake after soccer? or will it be okay just to leave as is? Also i wanted to know about the leucine and why it says it’s essential #6 but when you use the calculator for your supplements it doesn’t add it to the list? Any information will be helpful and much appreciated. Thanks

You can probably get by with the soccer game doing the plan as is. If you feel depleted, have one scoop of Surge Recovery during the game.

Leucine is no longer part of the V-Diet. It’s not necessary for most people (maybe 260 pound bodybuilders over-worried about muscle loss.) Not sure why it still shows up on that list. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for clearing that up for me!!

Were about to order two V-Diets one for me and one for my girlfriend is promo codes or anything? Free shipping to canada?

Sorry, no promo codes at this time. Our US shipping is free, but sadly not to Canada.

Order them together. Shipping is only $29.99 - flat rate. You’ll still have to pay taxes once it reaches you, unfortunately. But ultimately - when it comes to Biotest - it’s always worth it.

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