New to the V-Diet

Yesterday was day one for me and it went well, didn’t feel any hunger pains until I got home that was because I worked out after work so my body was craving something good to eat. I will have to manage a way to force myself to go to sleep. Whenever I workout later in the day, my mind is awake but my body is tired and it takes the act of God to get me to fall asleep or more like sleeping pills. So hello Tylenol PM we have a date tonight.

I am 5’5ft, 180lbs and 32% body fat. I do carry my weight well, when I tell people how much I weight they look at me at disbelief. My goal is to get to 150lbs, I know will not happen over night but will settle for a nice 20lb decrease within in the next two months with the help of this diet.

Its not that I don’t know how to workout or that I don’t like it. Fighting stress and depression for the last two years, led to the massive weight gain. With this diet which is structured, I don’t have to put so much time and effort into prep work and meal planning. Powder, water, mix and drink can’t get any easier than that.

0540 Plasma
0600 Began workout finished the plasma
0800 Protein 2 scoops with 2 scoops Superfood and Flameout
1130 Protein Shake and Flameout
1430 Protein Shake and Flameout
1600 workout
1800 Dinner (three grilled chicken wraps with salsa, greens, avocado and a few sprinkles of cheese) I was starving…inhaled all my food.
2100 Protein shake and Flameout

AM Workout:
4x10 sets Unilateral dumbbell row (40lbs)
4x10 sets Bent over dumbbell row (40lbs)
4xMax on Push-ups
4x10 sets Stiff leg dead lifts
3x10 Hanging leg raises
3x10 sets Incline sit-ups
3x10 sets regular sit-ups

PM Workout:
10x10 sets Wide Stance squats
5x10 sets Dumbbell Step ups (40lbs)
5x10 sets Dumbbell sumo squats (40lbs)
1x 15, 12, 10, 8, 15 Single Leg Curls (70lbs)
5x10 sets walking lunges with 40lb dumbbells

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