New to Mag-10 and Indigo-3G, Best Way to Use?

Hi there. I am new to using Mag-10 & Indigo-3G & not sure what to do. I eat a little carbs/fat at 5am…Lift weights at 6am…drink a protein shake at 7am…eat ever 2-3 hours all day…end the day with a protein shake at 6:30pm…& in bed by 8:30pm.
When should I use these products if my goal is fat loss and muscle gain?? Help!

Hey there Carolyn, the details will depend a bit on exactly what your workouts look like (the lifting and the cardio) as well as your current condition (height, weight, general fat level) and what your exact goal actually is.

Generally speaking, with the schedule you laid out, I’d have the Indigo pretty much as soon as you wake up, with some carbs and protein, not carbs and fat. I’d also have some Mag-10 while you train. Surge Workout Fuel would be a better choice to have during training, but Mag-10 can work well if that’s what you’ve got.

This article explains why it’s more effective to have a workout drink during training instead of afterwards. If you’re having the Mag-10 during the workout, you’d just have a “regular” solid food breakfast sometime afterwards.

Depending on how many serving of Mag-10 you want to use each day (how long you want to stretch each bag), you might want to have one or two “pulses” during the day instead of eating so often. The “Protein Pulsing for Muscle” article discusses the benefits of that approach.

On days you don’t workout, stick to the label directions for Indigo and have it before dinner (or whatever your biggest meal of the day is). And keep with the one or two pulses of Mag-10 throughout the day. Mag-10 could also replace that last protein shake at the end of the day.

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