New to Indigo-3G, Need Some Pointers

Trying to figure out what I’ll need to be well prepared to get the most out of Indigo-3G when my order comes in. For some background, I lost about 30lbs on a strict keto diet before I left home to spend 3 months on base for some training. Once I got here I wasn’t able to stay as strict with the keto since in the barracks all I have is a fridge an a microwave, without being able to cook my own meals and having to eat out a lot it made that tricky.

On the plus side now I have access to a gym again and the time to go, for the first month I was in the gym 5 days a week doing a novice 5x5 lifting program, but I still had BF% to lost so a month ago I switched to the Athlean-X training system.

At 5’7 and 197lbs at last weigh in yesterday, I’ve gained 3.1lbs of muscle while only reducing BF% by about .4% to 21.2% that I’m at now (the gym on base has an InBody 230 machine I use once a week to check progress). I plan on drinking a lot more water as it seems I’m carrying around 7lbs of extra water weight that I wasn’t a month ago, but other than that I do my best to keep my diet under control as best I can without being able to cook, take ON nutrition Gold Standard pre-workout before my workouts since it includes some creatine in it, and ISOPURE Zero carb whey protein to make sure I get my protein in, while taking 25g of casein protein before bed.

That said, I’m hoping Indigo-3G will help me start cutting the BF% down again as it’s seemed slowed or stalled lately for some reason. I’m in the gym 5 days a week during the week, and sometimes if I get off class early I’ll go back in the evenings for a bit of cardio or ab workout, and on the weekends if schedule allows I’ll be in the gym getting an ab workout or light cardio in, with every session ended with 20min in a dry sauna. Over the past month since switching to Athlean-X system for my workouts I can definitely tell I’ve made gains in my bi’s and tri’s, quads are firmer as are my calves, and my man-boobs have flattened out and are making the transition to more muscular pectorals, it’s the dang visceral fat in my midsection that isn’t seeming to want to budge.

Will adding Indigo-3G into my supplementation help push the fat burning a bit more? And if so what would be ‘good carbs’ to take in to fuel the Indigo-3G? Maybe some instant oatmeal or bowl of rice I could pop in the microwave in the mornings or something?

I didn’t quite follow. Are you still sticking to a keto diet? Indigo works most efficiently when it has carbs to work with, since it’s a nutrient partitioner. But Christian Thibaudeau did discuss some potential benefit to using Indigo on a keto diet in this thread.

Oatmeal isn’t bad if you know it doesn’t bloat you. And of course plain/natural is way better than fake-flavored, sugar-loaded packets. Overall, clean carbs are best, with potatoes and rice at the top of the list. Both of those are actually great to make ahead of time and keep in the fridge because they actually get better for you due to resistant starches, explained here.

Cream of rice is something a lot of guys like as an oatmeal alternative, or try plain puffed rice cereal (not Rice Krispies. The only ingredient should be rice). This article talks all about more of the better carb sources to include. You just don’t want a big batch of fruit within a few hours of Indigo because the concentrated antioxidants may interfere with its absorption.

One more way to maximize Indigo is to have protein and carbs when training. This article explains the benefits. Instead of just the whey protein, Surge Workout Fuel would be a more effective option.

Thanks for the info Chris! I hadn’t planned on sticking strict keto while trying out Indigo since as you said it requires carbs to function to its fullest, but I didn’t want to go into it blindly just taking in any source of carbs I could get my hands on since I imagine say 50g of carbs from brown rice is going to be better than 50g from a soda.

Haven’t really had any issues with bloating and oatmeal in the past so may try that route, but yeah guess part of my question was what were good clean carbs to go with and how much I’d need daily, either pre or post workout.

As for mixing the carbs with protein in a mix like the Surge workout fuel, would the amount in surge be sufficient for pre-workout as far as amount of carbs goes to get the best results from Indigo?

Thanks again for the info, looking forward to the next couple of weeks of training with Indigo in the mix, hoping it’ll help start lowering BF% fnally so I can get back below 20% and start working my way to the low teens again.

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