New to Dieting/Cutting Log

So I’ve never been on a cut before, never held a strict diet, just trained and eaten. I haven’t done badly, I have made moderate progress and am deemed in “good shape” when I have clothes on.

However my confidence is lacking as I know I have body fat which ruins the look whenever I have a tshirt off.
Recently due to circumstances I’ve lost motivation to train and am trying to settle into a new routine. The V-diet is a kick myself in the teeth and get on with it.

Yep, everyone else seems to have a V-diet log going at the moment so I’m starting my own. Figured all you guys with experience will help keep me sane at the least. Plus I’m a big believer in writing things down to keep track of it.

I’ve ordered all the supplements I should need and should have them by Wednesday. So…any advice before I start?
I’m assuming most of you guys will have dieted before even if it wasn’t the V-diet so I’d love to hear from you on tips to keep yourself fresh for training etc.

Also, I obviously want to keep as much muscle mass as possible, any advice on what kind of routine to follow? I.e - bodybuilding, 5/3/1, high reps etc…

Cheers guys, look forward to catching you all on here over the next 30 days!


Follow the V-Diet and training, and you should be good. It was designed for this purpose.

There is one heavy day to avoid losing muscles, and if you eat properly, you should be fine as long as you don’t do cardio or anything fancy.
You aren’t going to feel super powerful on low calories, and if you never did a diet, prefer for war :wink:
This said, you didn’t share much about yourself, so it is hard to tell.

I started mine after two months on low carb diet, and still it was very challenging the first 3 days.
I don’t know how i will be in a week, but so far it is easier for me, after i passed the first 3 days and started to limit water to minimum (and drink the missing water pure), as well as reducing HOT-ROX to only two in the morning.

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