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Hey everyone, I have a few questions for you guys, I am going to play in the NCAA in mid august, and I will start training intensity once my season ends in mid June, I don’t have much time. I am in good shape right now, athletically, however i am not as big and strong as i would like to be, before i leave I will do some work outs from “the complete power look” by Thib. I won’t have time for a full cycle though.

what supplements would you recommend?
I want to keep the costs down as much as possible as i have to save money for school.
What type of work outs would you recommend with these products?
What kind of results can i expect to see?

Here are my stats:

Weight 185lbs
height 5’11"
Bench 1rm: 205 (narrow Grip)
Dead 5rm: 325 conventional
squat 5rm 275
Hang Clean 1rm 185
OHP 1rm 145lb

  1. First, take care of workout nutrition with Plazma or Surge Workout Fuel. The latter may better fit your budget.

  2. Workouts that fit your needs and goals. We have hundreds to choose from:

  3. The results you get are dependent on numerous factors. Mainly on how hard you work.

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