New to Biotest. Supplement Timing w/ Morning Workouts?

I just ordered Plazma, Mag-10, Brain Candy and Finibar. I workout first thing in the morning and I’m looking for advice on supplement timing for all of these products. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Early morning workouts are always a sort of “do the best you can against the clock” situation. The focus is getting the workout nutrition as dialed in as possible, so that’s the priority. Knowing your goal and training/diet details would help narrow down things a bit, but in general, if it were me, I’d probably do:

Finibar as soon as I get up. Actually about 20 second after I get up because microwaving them (unwrapped, obviously) for 12-15 seconds is a game-changer. Finibars digest super-easily - some athletes have them during games when they’re on the sidelines/during rest periods - so pounding down a bar with a glass of water should be simple in the AM., even if you’re training 5, 10, 15 minutes after.

Plazma during the workout, with a Brain Candy thrown into the same bottle. That’s definitely an off-label use of Brain Candy and I could be wrong on that, but there’s no ingredient overlap with them and I know I could use the mind-body energy boost from early morning Brain Candy. If you wanted to hold off and have Brain Candy later on, like in the afternoon or something, no problem there.

Eat a regular whole-food breakfast sometime after training, then have a serving of Mag-10 anytime during the day. I actually like having a serving shortly before bed to boost recovery.

Depending on your appetite, if you’re not having a solid breakfast right away, you could have Mag-10 45ish minutes after training, wait a while, and then eat. That’d further reinforce recovery with more of the same fast-acting protein by layering the Mag-10 and Plazma closer together.

If you’re doing morning cardio and not lifting, just plug in the Mag-10 during the workout instead of Plazma. Plazma is more beneficial to weight training and Mag-10 works well for cardio/conditioning workouts, so that’d be more appropriate.

Great info. Thanks so much. One more question - where would you plug in Indigo-3G? Says to take 30 min before supplementation but I don’t have that kind of time in the morning

Yeah, that’s kinda one of the compromises I was talking about before with early morning workouts.

In that case I’d have it with lunch or dinner, whichever’s the larger meal, basically like the label suggests for non-training days. That way you still get the benefit of the Indigo-3G and it can still do its job affecting nutrient partitioning. Taking it before training would be ideal, but if it doesn’t fit the schedule, it’s not really an option.

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