New to Biotest and Need Help

I’m in the military and 23 years old about 200 lbs, and looking to lose some stubborn fat/ get shredded and gain more muscle. I workout a lot and have a good workout plan, which is pretty intense and good nutrition plan. I would like to know which supplements would help me with this and if any supplements will make me pop on a urinalysis test, thanks!

Working out “a lot” isn’t always best, but if you’re following a good plan like you said, then hopefully it’s on track. Regardless, workout nutrition is always the place to start. Getting the right stuff immediately before, and during, and immediately after training will improve performance and recovery.

Plazma is the best of the best in that field. It has fast-acting protein and carbs to maximize protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown, plus other nutrients to improve endurance and recovery between sets.

At 200 pounds, how tall are you and about how lean are you (rough bodyfat percentage or a description - “already kinda lean”, “plenty of fat to lose”, etc.)?

And what does your nutrition plan actually look like?

Those are going to be factors into sorting out any other supps that can help, so better dial in and fine-tune based on your needs.

In general, without knowing more details, Indigo-3G is a great choice for any kind of body composition changes. It helps to improve nutrient partitioning so your body can better handle carbs and calories instead of storing them as body fat.

Nope. Biotest supps are used by athletes in tons of sports, from baseball and football to competitive (tested) bodybuilding and powerlifting. No issues.

Thanks for the info! According to the military I’m at about 11% body fat and I’m 6’. And i usually eat oatmeal in the morning sometimes with added protien and then luch and dinner is chicken, rice and vegetables. I do the best i can with what im given. And by workout a lot, i mean an hour to an hour and a half depending if i hit the bike or row machine 6 times a week only 2 or 3 of those days with cardio. Hopefully this helps clear things up

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