New to Biotest. Advice?

32 YOM following T-Nation for years.
Firefighter/paramedic lifestyle meaning inadequate sleep, and high stress levels.
Full blood panels recently taken reveal
Free testosterone-80
Ferritin and Vit D deficiencies resulting in low energy levels and less intense training sessions.
220-225 lbs at 18-20% BF
Looking to recapture proper diet and training intensity
I have an idea of where I would like to go as far as supplementation but would like an unadulterated opinion from those involved in this website.

What does your current training and workout nutrition situation look like? How many days a week are you able to train?

Right off the bat to help with sleep and recovery, I’d recommend Z-12 and ElitePro Minerals or ZMA.

I work evenings, and have a four-year-old kid who has always gotten up early all of four of those years, and the Z-12 and ElitePro combo certainly helps make the most of the little sleep I get.

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