New to All of This But NEED a Change

So I have been lurking on here long enough to decide to start the V-Diet… I figure I should post my photos and prepare to be judged :slight_smile: Hopefully this will help me stay focused and get through this…

I started the V-Diet on Monday, 4 WHOLE days ago!

height: 5’1"
Weight: 121 lbs
neck: 12"
shoulders: 37 3/4"
chest-upper: 36"
chest-lower: 29 1/2"
Waist: 31 1/2"
hips(butt): 37 1/2"
upper arms: 11 1/2"
lower arms: 8 1/2"
upper legs: 22"
middle legs: 19 1/2
lower legs: 13 10/16"
ankles: 8 1/4"

I have one issue so far (well besides the craving for REAL FOOD of course): I am nauseous almost ALL the time.

I take one HOT-ROX in the AM but I don’t think that is causing it since I get nauseous in the evening too…?

Any ideas?

I am not sure how to post multiple photos in one message so I’ll just add two more

here is the second

Sorry if the picture quality is below par… I couldn’t find my camera so we used a cell phone :slight_smile:

so that didn’t work out as planned… lets try again

back shot

Just got back from the gym and as I’m am writing this I am fighting the nausea and attempting to find a comfortable position to sit/lay. I decided to do the beginner program as I usually don’t lift weights in the gym. The beginner is kicking my ass, literally. Just doing a dead-lift with the bar is killing me! At this point I am just looking forward to the day that laugh at the weakness I am experiencing right now. Time for Surge!

Hey girl! Congrats on deciding to start the VDiet…and especially to start lifting weights! Being strong is awesome. I used to run, a lot…got an injury, started lifting weights to rehab it and haven’t stopped since!

Make sure you have good form before you progress, or else 1)you may hurt yourself 2)it’s not legit progression (think the guy who says he can squat 450…but they’re quarter reps with his back arched…chances are he can only legitimately squat 300)

You’ve got an awesome shape, and soooo much potential! Weights are really going to do a number on your figure, and I think you’ll see awesome results!
Let us know if you have any questions!

oh wow I fail
I have been so busy I never posted after photos.
I will do so in a few minutes

SORRY for the crappy cellphone pics but its all I had o_O

Also the sizing of the two are kind of off… I tried to match them to give an accurate representation but its difficult.
Anyways the photos don’t do very much justice. Especially when you consider how soft I was before and now how much more firm I am :slight_smile:

I wish I knew how to attach more than one photo at a time :confused:




Great progress. Well done.

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