New Surge Workout Fuel or Something Else

So I haven’t made an order in about a year but I’d like to stop using kid supplements as Chris Shugart so eloquently put it. I’ve used Plazma Mag-10 and the last version of Surge Workout Fuel in the past. This time around I was looking at the new Surge Workout Fuel formula and wondering if it would be possible to do one serving before and one serving during? Would that be overkill on some of the ingredients like the citrulline and betaine? Would it be better to do just one serving and drink half of it pre workout and sip the other half during? Then maybe do one serving of Mag-10 post to finish things up.

Now of course the other option would be one serving of Plazma either doing half the dose pre and the rest intra or just doing the whole dose pre and nothing intra. I know two Plazma does are ideal but I’m really trying to keep this to around 5 dollars per serving (using the current 10 percent off code)

Using that as a number I see these options:

1 serving Surge Workout Fuel and one serving Mag-10
2 servings Surge Workout Fuel
1 serving surge workout fuel and one serving Plazma
1.5 servings plazma (I have a digital scale so I can make the .5 part work

I kind of like option 2 and 4 better as it just has me buying one product which is deferred over having to get multiple.

As for my workouts (as I know that will be a question) I’m a 5/3/1 follower. I’m even a member over at Jim’s private forum. Right now I’m doing 5/3/1 5’s Pro and following that up with FSL 50 rep total. So something higher volume in the 5/3/1 workout templates and I’ll be doing that for at least 2 cycles. Plus two conditioning workouts that will be about 30 mins each (mostly prowler work and weighted carries). They will be after two of the main lifting workouts during the week. Then two easy weighted vest walking sessions of two of my “off days”.

Also 6’3 220 35 inch waist but a bit softer in that area then I’d like to be. Being a former Fat boy (around 360) I’m thinking Indigo-3G will also have to be in my coming purchase. I know Chris Shugart has raved about it after being in the same place himself once upon a time.

Any feedback and suggestions are very much welcomed. Thank you in advance.

This would be a very solid choice. With the new Surge Workout Fuel, 1 scoop is fine for most workouts. 2 scoops would only be for longer (90 minute+ sessions). If you can follow it up with Mag-10 after, even better. But even if not, 1 scoop will be simple and effective.

Or, if you didn’t want to get two products as you mentioned, you could do the 1 and a half scoops of Plazma, that’d be a step above Surge Workout Fuel. With Plazma, 2 scoops is the standard for most workouts, but people will use 1 scoop with easier workouts. Using 1 and half, I’d pre-load with 1 scoop before training and have the half throughout the session.

Sounds like you’ve seen some good progress so far. Dialing in the training/nutrition and adding the Indigo would be a great next step.

Thank you for the feedback. I was really leaning toward the Plazma (even at 1.5 servings) just nice to have the confirmation haha.

A follow up to that if you don’t mind. I talked about wanting to give Indigo-3G a whirl. Knowing my goals and my workout would one bottle of Plazma and one bottle of Indigo-3G be best or just get the Wendler stack (they are about the same price). With the understanding that im only going to be able to afford to do the full serving of Indigo-3G on my weight lifting days. I know that’s not the ideal dosing but it’s a stretch just to include it on workout days. The other three days I’ll have to forgo it and just do Shugart’s 100 carb cure diet on my off days

Thank you again for taking the time for your feedback.

P.S. Would I need to buy a new bottle when I order the Plazma. My last order of it was August 2014 and I know it came with a bottle then but I didn’t know if that was a one and done kind of thing.

The Wendler 5/3/1 Stack is Plazma, Mag-10, and Brain Candy, which are great supps, but they’re not what you’re looking for now. Stick with the Plazma and Indigo.

I get the need to work within the budget, but taking it just 4 days a week isn’t the best plan. I’d rather use a lower dose, like 4 caps everyday, and try to stretch each bottle that way.

If you mean a nalgene shaker bottle, I’m really not sure if they’re still including those with orders. They may not be since they’re available for sale separately.

Ok 4 a day it is. Thank you again for taking time to answer my questions. Have a great rest of your day.

No prob. Glad to help.

Don’t forget you can also check out the 5/3/1 forum here to bounce training questions off more guys following the program. Wendler answers plenty of stuff there too.

Yeah I check out Jim’s forum just about everyday. I’m a huge fan of his work. Really his stuff is the main reason I’m ordering products from Biotest. I run my own nutrition store and can obviously get things at a large discount (sadly the only two Biotest products we sell are caffeinated Brain Candy and Spike). But I appreciate all the time Jim takes to answers others questions on this site, so the least I can do is buy some stuff off here and give Jim the credit for it.

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