New Store Interface....but Missing Products

The storefront has been updated for a while now, and I didn’t want to mention it til now (since I was looking to buy something that used to be there), but here goes:

  1. Can we still buy the liquid flavoring solo from the MAG-10, plazma, or surge powders? Please say yes.
  2. How about those nifty Nalgene bottles?
  3. Where’s my T-Nation swag gear! : )
  4. Am I blind and not noticing another tab for these things?

The Intensified Liquid Flavoring and the Nalgene bottles are in the workout section: (Scroll down.)

You’re right, the T-shirts don’t currently have a home, but you can find them with the “search products” area at the store.✓&search_text=t-shirts&commit=

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