New Stack

Hi Chris,
As always, thanks very much for reading. I apologize for all the questions, now that I’m starting Indigo-I3G in a couple of weeks and starting to run low on some stuff, I want to see if a new stack is in order to maximize the potential, while trying to maintain my budget.

Current Stack
HOT-ROX 2x daily
Pre-Peri W/O - Finibar, 1 serving Surge Workout Fuel, 1 serving MAG-10
Post W/O 45 min - 1 Serving MAG-10
Leucine w/ post w/o HSM

With that stack I’ve calculated it costs about $7 per workout

Proposed New Stack
Pre-Peri W/O - Finibar, Plazma 2 doses per w/o (3 would be too expensive for me. I’m 5’4" and 152lbs, low body fat, not prepping for a show or anything just trying to gain. While 3 doses would probably be more beneficial, do you think 2 would still provide solid gains with Indigo?)
Post - MAG-10 - 1 serving 45 min post w/o
Indigo-3G - full dosage until ready for maintenance

Indigo-3G is non-negotiable, so for just Plazma and MAG-10, I’ve calculated about $10 per workout.

It sounds like Plazma is really a one-stop supplement that eliminates the needs for others, and provides the best results. If I train 4x, 5x per week at the most, I can afford it. Training 6x per week at $10 per session is a little too steep for me. Here are my questions:

-If I use Plazma, it sounds like I can eliminate my current peri serving of MAG-10, and just have one serving 45 min post workout?

-Between Plazma and MAG-10, I’m thinking I could get away without the additional serving of Leucine with the HSM and save a few more bucks. What do you think?

Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH as always!

  1. I think two doses of Plazma would be great for you. You could also adjust dosing based on your workout for that day. Maybe for a quick arms-only workout you’d only need a single serving. But for a long leg day with squats or deads, you may choose to bump it to three if needed. But 2 servings per weight-training workout would be a good foundation for you.

  2. Finibar about an hour before training is perfect.

  3. Yes, one serving of MAG-10 about an hour after lifting (or an hour or so after you finish the Plazma) would round this out into a very powerful, high-level supplement stack for anyone really getting after it in the gym.

  4. Leucine: Yes, I think your plan would have you very well covered without it. If you have some leftover, use it with your biggest meal of the day.

If that doesn’t fit the budget and I was forced to cut one thing, I’d say to replace the Finibar. I love them, but Plazma and MAG-10 would certainly have you covered for tough training sessions, especially if you’re driving everything into the muscle with a serving of Indigo-3G.

And speaking of budget, are you on auto-ship? That should help you bring down the cost of Indigo-3G. Or perhaps the Plazma/Indigo stack in our store is better for you.

I also see no need for HOT-ROX if you’re on Indigo-3G, especially if your main focus is muscle gain. I honestly have not used HOT-ROX since starting Indigo. I just don’t need it. The fixing of the fat cells and nutrient uptake mechanisms has done more for me than any fat burner. Though I could see using HOT-ROX to really fine-tune if seeking stage-level body fat level.

Right on, thank you so much for your quick and very thorough reply! That’s a great idea for adjusting Plazma doses depending on the workout, I’ll start with 2 and adjust from there. Definitely keeping the MAG-10, at first I originally ordered it for pulse fast days but started working it in daily and it’s been great.

I’m going to order Indigo-3G shortly and start using in about two weeks after I’ve finished transitioning my carb intake, and will DEFINITELY be on autoship, the savings is well worth it, and once I’m done with full dosing, maintenance will be affordable on the auto ship price. Thanks for the recommendation!

I’ll try and keep the finibars when possible, they’re just so damn good and an easy way to get the carbs in. But, glad to know they’re not a necessity with the new stack. I’ve read on some forums that 300g carbs on training is a good starting number for Indigo-3G, would you say that’s accurate? Any different for non training days?

The HOT-ROX are left from the V-Diet order, so I’ll use them up until Indigo-3G.

Thanks again!

300g daily is a good starting point, made of up clean foods of course. And workout supplement carbs can count toward that number.

I went from 100g per day pre-Indigo to 400g or so on Indigo. Never thought I’d be able to do that! You may have seen this but here’s our basic carb guidelines and some solid food ideas: <a href=""target=“new”>Basic Carb Guide

On off days or a conditioning-only day with no lifting, when you’re on Indigo-3G carbs should be kept higher. Never a need for a “carb-free” day. They may naturally decrease a little on non-training days since you won’t be using workout nutrition supps though. I’d add more solid food carbs on those days. The key for me was simply keeping then wheat-free, so lots of rice, starchier veggies, and hot cereals like oatmeal.

Awesome, thanks! I have given all of those articles thorough reads to plan ahead, they’re EXTREMELY helpful. I’ve been at 100 or less for a while now even before V-Diet, very much looking forward to 300-400! After reading a lot of your articles after the new year I dropped dairy milk and switched to almond milk, and dropped wheat completely, switching to oats, rice, quinoa, squashes and other veggies. Currently the first attempt at rutabaga fries are in the oven! I’ve noticed I feel no bloat after almond milk, dairy milk was tougher on my system, and I don’t miss wheat at all. I’m looking forward to adding delicious clean carbs to every meal :slight_smile:

Thanks again, will keep you posted and start a log once I get going!

Rutabaga fries are love’em or hate’em. I love them. It’s a very distinct flavor. Let me know how it goes.

The verdict is in, we love 'em! Used some taco seasoning, cumin, pepper and garlic powder, made with my first attempt at almond flour popcorn turkey bites. One of our best meals yet, all from the HSM forum.

Chris, hope you had a great holiday weekend! Just a couple of quick questions as my Indigo-3G arrives tomorrow or Tuesday, I’ll be following the Indigo Hypertrophy program.

  1. I know the label for Indigo-3G says 6 pills twice a day, but some LiveSpills/forums recommend 4 pills 3 times a day. Which do you think is best? Normally I just follow the label I just want to make sure there isn’t an update. If following label dosage, I typically train in the afternoon, around 4pm, post workout meal somewhere around 7:00. Would you recommend first dose before breakfast, second dose pre training?

  2. How would you recommend the timing of the pre-w/o Finibar with Indigo-3G?

Thank you!

  1. The old formula was 4 x 3 serving protocol. The new is 6 capsules twice per day. Stick with the new. Easier to time and works better than way since the formula was ramped up. Always take a serving before training. The other needs to be about 6 hours apart or more, so servings don’t “overlap” – Indigo-3G is in the blood for at least 6 hours. So, pre-breakfast sounds good.

  2. Finibars: I prefer them about an hour before training. You can take Indigo 20 minutes before Finibar if you’d like and still be “covered” for training. For those on Indigo-3G, you can really have a Finibar anytime since Indigo will direct those carbs to where you want them to go (muscle) instead of fat storage. The types of carbs in Finibar aren’t like regular food carbs anyway. It would be difficult to get fat on Finibars even without Indigo-3G. Heck, I had 4 of them on Sunday and that was my off day!

Great, thanks very much! Finibars have become a staple of my nutrition, I’m going to continue having a MAG-10 and Finibar for breakfast also, it’s especially convenient for work days. A spoonful of vanilla MD in black coffee with a microwave chocolate Finibar is my favorite.

Continuing to see amazing results one week after v-diet/pulse fast. My weight this morning was 156, about 4lbs heavier than the end of the v-diet, but my body fat is still single digits and I lost ANOTHER inch and a half in my waist. I think the v-diet/pulse fast “reset” my body in a way, I was carb cycling for fat loss for a few months before that and I think my body got used to the reduced calories, after a while I just seemed to be stalled out. The v-diet/pulse fast was like a turbo charge. This past week of workouts I’ve set a few pr’s, and I’m now 10lb of lean body mass bigger than I’ve ever been, and with clean eating it seems like I’m still just gaining muscle, burning fat, and I haven’t even started Indigo yet.

That’s awesome, Robstein!

Your plan seems perfect. You’re not necessarily “on a diet” but you’re losing body fat. And you’re not on a “mass phase” yet you’re gaining muscle.

That’s great, as it’s easy to get discouraged when you’re doing one extreme or the other: dieting = fat loss, but feeling puny. Mass phase = muscle gain but also disappointing fat gain. The best of both worlds is in the middle, and Indigo-3G is really going to ramp that up for you.

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