New Stack Thoughts?

Chris, I’m putting together my next order - wondering if there’s anything you’d add, swap out, or skip. I don’t mind spending the money (within reason), but want to make sure I’m spending it where it counts most!

What I have right now is:

Metabolic Drive (4)
MAG-10 (1 - want to make sure we get along before ordering more for pulse fasts)
Superfood (2)
Flameout (2)
FA3 (3)
Brain Candy (1)
ElitePro (2)

I just finished the V-Diet and am working on settling into a workable 100g Carb lifestyle with occasional pulse fasts. I have a full bottle of Surge Recovery, hence its absence from the list.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I’ll offer you a few things to consider to help you make your decision.

Peri-workout nutrition: Once you finish your Surge Recovery, consider <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. A female, depending on her workout, may need only 1 or 2 servings per weight training workout (most men do 2, 3 or even more if they’re giant). Plazma is basically the latest evolution in workout nutrition with all the latest and best stuff. You drink it before and during training instead of after, which is a better way of doing it we now know.

<a href=""target=“new”>FA3: This is great if you don’t get enough olive oil, coconut oil etc. If you use those things already in salad or for cooking, then you may not need FA3, just Flameout.

<a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10: Really hope you like it because I’d like to see you pulsing a couple of times per day. Works wonders! I’m a huge fan of lemon and lime flavoring, but the others are great too.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Chris!

I’ll definitely consider Plazma, though I may have to see how it fits into the budget. Been loving Surge Recovery, I sipping it before and during my workout, then slam whatever is left when I’m done.

As for FA3 - I do cook with olive oil, though maybe 1-2TBSP/day - maybe. I’ve got a wicked case of skin issues, mostly eczema but also hives, etc for no reason (been allergy tested and I do all the right allergy things) so I’m willing to try this and see if it helps even a little.

Looking forward to MAG-10 - getting the lime flavor to start, maybe later on I’ll get more adventurous.

Lastly - I’ve been feeling extremely run down lately. Not tired, necessarily, but my brain feels slow for lack of a better term. I know with my job and my hobbies I’m sitting close to the edge of doing too much and resting too little by ‘normal’ standards. But I’m not interested in ‘normal’ (or in crochet), so do you have any advice for how to best support this lifestyle instead of just ‘taking a rest’. I’ve already seen a huge improvement by cutting out junk carbs and fixing my peri-workout nutrition from “uh…water!” to Surge.

Thanks again!

Brain Candy is great stuff, but check out the brain booster thread if your into that stuff :stuck_out_tongue: (there are like 4 threads worth of information now)

I’d personally only order MAG-10 and Plazma now myself, I feel I’m covered with nutrition using those and following a V-Diet lifestyle (HSM), oh and Flameout of course. That’s one supplement I really feel with 1-2 weeks constant usage.

I hated MD after the V-Diet myself though haha!

I think upgrading your workout drink to Plazma would take care of most of your recovery issues. Also, consider Z12 for extra-restorative sleep. Sometimes it’s better to improve sleep than add a stimulant during the day.

But I do love <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy when it’s needed, and you can always go with the caffeine-free version. I use both: regular Brain Candy in the AM when I want it, or caffeine-free if I decide I need the extra focus and mood improvement in the afternoon but don’t want to get stimulated too late in the day.

Brain Candy right now is out of the budget except for Pulse Fasts and emergencies (I’m sure you’ve had those days…) Would PowerDrive be worthwhile having around? I know it doesn’t get much love these days with all the new fancy supps out.

I agree that improving recovery would be preferable to adding stimulants, though, and will definitely weigh in on Plazma once I’m done the tub of Surge Recovery.

Would you do Z12 instead of ElitePro?

Hope you don’t mind me picking your brain like this!

Think of <a href=""target=“new”>Z-12 as a pure sleep supplement. ElitePro allows for better sleep if someone is lacking in those minerals, but Z12 is made to purely get you to sleep faster, then keep you in a replenishing sleep state longer: deeper, more restorative. I like both, but if it’s deep sleep you need and can only choose one, go with Z12. Most people need two capsules, but some prefer three.

Power Drive is good. Many use it after a hard and heavy weight training session, while others use it for long study sessions. Pretty versatile, somewhat subtle though effective. Brain Candy is more of a “Whoa! I definitely feel this!” supplement. But they overlap a bit when it comes to focus and mood. I’d give the edge to Brain Candy myself.

Thanks Chris.

Thankfully, I sleep like a rock, so I may not need the Z12. I’m really just looking to get things back in balance so I can function normally again, hence the ElitePro to see if I can’t boost those minerals back up after a couple years of constant training/work with negligible peri-wo nutrition. As a female, should I still leave the dose at 7/day, or drop it to 5 or 6?

Going to leave out PowerDrive for now, and just go with what I had listed I think. Gotta save up to try Plazma :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to trying the Brain Candy - seems to have some pretty rave reviews. It might get a place in my stack as a sort of ‘reserve chute’- at $2.75/bottle it’s still priced less than a S*bux Americano.

It’s like Christmas every time I put an order through!

<a href=""target=“new”>Elitepro Minerals sounds like what you need. It’s not really gender specific so regular dose is fine. Now, you may also consider ZMA. Many of the same key ingredients and it’ll save you a few bucks. You can read about the differences at the store.

Keep me posted, glad to help out!

Got my new supps - looking forward to my first Pulse Fast!

I’m hoping to do it tomorrow, but I have a few questions. Basically, am I alright to shift the whole thing back by about 90min?

I don’t get home from work until 930p tonight, am I alright to still have my HSM and stop eating at 10-1030 and still Pulse Fast tomorrow? I could always have my first Pulse at 8:30a tomorrow, making my last one around 10p again. My day does start early, with a client at 7:30a, but I’ll be fine for the hour. Would I be alright to have the Brain Candy at 7a? The only catch is that I have an early Friday morning workout at 7a. I could pulse during that workout, if that would fit the setup.

Feels like I could be making a mountain out of a mole-hill here, but this will likely always be the case (most of my days are like this), and I want to do this as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Thanks Chris!

No worries, just adjust to fit your schedule. 10-10:130 for your final HSM is fine. And just have your first MAG-10 pulse when you feel like it in the AM. The main key is to keep pulses spread fairly evenly so you don’t have any too far apart or too close together, or miss a pulse.

Mountain out of a mole-hill then :slight_smile:

Would I be alright to just have my regular Surge Recovery around my Friday morning workout?

Sure, that’s fine.

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