New Spike Flavor: Strawberry Lemonade?!


Where did this come from?!


Figures after I just ordered a case they’d break out a new flavor to try :weary:lol.
I do wonder why quilla lime can’t be brought back, such a fan favorite. The new flavor sounds awesome though, hopefully we see it pop up as a flavor additive for Plazma/Mag-10/Surge Workout Fuel like Blue Raz.


I’m stoked to try this!


When might this be available in the 8.4 oz. size?


Just tried it. It tastes BOMB and the best thing is there’s no colors! I think original berry got replaced as my favorite flavor.


For right now, there aren’t plans to roll the flavor into the rest of the Spike line.

When they brought out the blue raz flavor, it was a similar situation where it was only offered in the Double Shot or Spike Energy, and the blue raz Spike Shooter came a few months down the line. So, we can hope for that, but no official word or timeline.


So, I finally got myself a case of this new Strawberry Lemonade flavor, and…

Damn. Orange Gold was my jam. Was.

(It’s really, really good.)


Welcome to the party, man.

I’m not saying I always have great ideas, but… sometimes, I have great ideas.

Fun Things to Do with Mag-10

Feel like I’m living in one of those old “I love you, man” commercials right now. But with Spiked Mag-10 instead.