New Spike Flavor: Purple Surge


Anybody else get in on this new one yet? Easily my new 2nd favorite flavor (Orange Gold is tops for me, forever and always).

Not crazy-sweet at all with good grape flavor and no aftertaste. Seems like it’s only available in the 16oz Spike Energy for now, but hopefully they’ll eventually roll it out to the other formulas.

Might be worth noting, because I was confused for a half-second, Purple Surge is just the flavor. The ingredients are still the Spike Energy mix and have nothing to do with Surge Recovery or Surge Workout Fuel.


Nice! Any scoop on a new Metabolic Drive flavor? Peanut butter would be incredible!


Definitely going on my next order.

Excited about the flavor, but even more excited that my pre-game can of Spike will now match my pads.

(It’s a goalie thing.)


With the purple can of Spike above, now I want to be able to replicate a PB&J.