New Spike Flavor: Blue Raz


Well, looks like Biotest snuck that one in on us. Has anyone tried the new Blue Raz flavor yet?

I like the Orange Gold, but definitely miss the 'Quila Lime. I’m thinking about giving this a try. My wife is pregnant, so I know in the near future I’m going to need a boost with a newborn at home. Haha

New Spike Flavor: Strawberry Lemonade?!

I haven’t tried it… yet. I’m also an Orange Gold guy, through and through, forever and ever.

Looks like the Blue Raz comes as a Double Shot or as the big Spike Energy.

I’m thinking this would probably be a good waker-upper right in some Mag-10, with a splash of grape or lemon liquid flavor, first thing in the morning. (The “breakfast” Spike + Mag-10 is a trick I like to think I invented, but probably didn’t. Orange Gold Spike with orange-berry Mag-10 and I’m a happy camper.)


Yes, the Blue Raz flavor is awesome and already the favorite of everyone around the office. If you like blue raspberry as a flavor, then you are going to love this one.


Ahh Quila lime. My all time favorite. I got sick of the orange gold so I’ve been mixing in some other brands of energy drinks. I’m waiting on my case of the blue razz to arrive


@DSQ98 How is the Blue Raz flavor?

My case will be here tomorrow. My son is almost two-weeks old now, so just in time to save my sanity.


Dang. Blue Raz is delicious. Well done, Biotest.


Definitely tastes great, in fact, whoever the mad scientist is responsible for the flavoring of all Biotest products deserves a raise!
However, orange gold is still the G.O.A.T flavor for me. In fact I’m probably going to order another case of it and just rotate the two.
Be awesome to see some sort of limited retro run of quila lime for vip members.


The new blue raz Spike is legit. Ordered a case back in March and loved it. I still think my favorite is the original Spike (fruit punch?), though. I wouldn’t mind seeing blue raz Spike available in the Shooter size.

I unfortunately never got to try the lime Spike that other members have been talking about.


Good news, Shooter is going to be available in both Orange Gold and Blue Raz very soon!


Well, shoot. Now that’s going to be a tough decision!


New flavors are now available!


Well I loved the original black+red can & I typically love any blue raspberry flavor, so I ordered a case. How was it? well, personally a little disappointing. Due to a youth unfortunately full of strep throat & Dimetapp, I’ve come to hate anything that remotely tastes like artificial grape & this sadly tasted that way to me. It didn’t really taste like razz at all, maybe more along the lines of blueberry or [bleh] artificial grape. I think it’s probably still great for others but I just can’t appreciate it.


I still think the old quila lime flavor was the best!