New Plazma User Looking For Help Regarding Sickness Issue

I started using Plazma and berry flavor since May 8th, 2017, only on my heavy days of training which is twice per week. The last 2 - 1,000 ml bottle servings I noticed a stronger taste from the Plazma which made it harder to drink as I continued to train. I was able to finish the first bottle completely, but after I ate dinner that’s when it got worse. Within 1/2 hour later all of my food came back up. I had a feeling it was from the Plazma due to a sickness feeling in my stomach when it was harder to drink as training went on. Almost like a gaging upset feeling, it seemed like the taste got more unbearable as I continued drinking.

After taking 3 days off of training, I thought maybe it was somewhat of a fluke, so the next heavy training session I used the Plazma again. I only sipped the Plazma this time throughout the entire workout, but I only could drink about 300 ml out of the 1,000. I only trained for about an 1 hr. and had to stop because of the effect of the Plazma. I had dinner after training, could not complete my dinner because my appetite subdued as I was eating. I got that sick feeling again within a 1/2 hr. and got sick again as the previous heavy training day.

I used Surge Workout Fuel w/ blue raz flavor since March 27, 2017 previously on all my 4 days of training prior to the Plazma. I never had any issues w/ Surge Workout Fuel at all and still don’t since I use it on my non-heavy days. I know Plazma works better but this issue has me confused and looking for help/answers…before all this happened I wanted to replace my Surge Workout Fuel training days with the Plazma as well. I purchased more bags of Plazma w/ berry and some other flavors too since I am a 100 level customer.

I was thinking about starting a second bag of Plazma w/ a new flavor and see if that would be the answer to solving the issue. But right now, I’ll probably use the Surge Workout Fuel for all training days until I get some clarification.

The next morning after the sickness issue I was able to eat breakfast,. lunch, and dinner without any problems. Both days of the issue, I had a meal replacement bar w/ my ElitePro Minerals before bed and had no problems regarding sickness etc. I know it wasn’t food poisoning, flu or something viral. All my eating habits, and supplementation w/ Plazma have been consistant to a T and follow all label amounts etc. I prepare my Plazma the night before and use it before the 24 hr. peroid as well as with Surge Workout Fuel.

I know the Plazma still worked throughout the sickness issue too because my body was not sore at all the next day and I broke some PRs during both heavy training sessions (rack pulls and good mornings). I just had to cut the training time short due the sickness feeling etc,

Please help and advise me with this issue and in regards to the stock of Plazma w/ berry flavor. The berry flavor did take a little time to get use to, but I never expected the outcome of my last two heavy training sessions. Has anyone ever had problem(s) with Plazma /berry flavor?

If there are any questions that I can answer to help resolve this issue please let me know. I’ve been a loyal BIOTEST customer and like to continue being one.

Thank you,


So, could be a couple of things. My first though was possibly an issue with the berry flavoring itself. I think that’s one of the “stronger” flavors and usually use it as a mixer instead of straight (like half-berry, half-orange or berry-lemon). If you have other flavors (I know you said you had the blue raz), try that with the Plazma to see how you feel.

The other thing could be a sensitivity to hydrolyzed casein, which would explain why you’re okay with Surge Workout Fuel - SWF doesn’t have hydrolyzed casein in it. the only weird thing with that is that you’ve been using Plazma for 6 weeks or so and only had an issue in the last week.

Did you recently increase the dose or anything, like go from 1 scoop per workout to 2? Also, if you’ve used Mag-10 without an issue, that’d throw a wrench into that theory since it’s the same protein.

Last thing, and easiest, is to hope it’s maybe a weird stomach bug that’s only coincidentally connected. It’s a stretch, but could be.

Sorry, man. Just never heard of this problem so it’s a little guessing game. Absolute “worst case” scenario, you can stick with Surge Workout Fuel and still be in a great spot, workout nutrition-wise.

Ha, that’s all that really matters. :wink:

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I’ve only used 2 scoops of Plazma w/ berry from the very beginning with ea. heavy training day, and I have not used Mag-10 yet. Other flavors I have besides blue raz are orange, grape and lime. The only flavors I have used are blue raz and berry. Are any of the above flavors I mentioned “stronger” like berry? I was considering the orange to try next w/ the Plazma and see if that would solve the issue. Any concerns w/ the orange flavor? If so, I’ll go w/ the blue raz like you mentioned previously. Also, could increasing the water volume 200 ml or more be beneficial?

If the new flavor doesn’t solve the issue then I’ll probably just contact customer service about a credit exchange for my current stock of Plazma. Hopefully it will all work out the best way possible. I’ll update you on the next heavy training session w/ the Plazma and a different flavor.



Wanted to let you know that I have used a micellar casein protein (included in a Protein Matrix = Syntha - 6) in the past and currently on and off in which I have had no issues whatsoever. Could this help to clarify some of the little guessing game?


[quote=“wsb50, post:4, topic:7010”]
I have used a micellar casein protein (included in a Protein Matrix = Syntha - 6) in the past[/quote]
That’s a protein blend with whey, micellar casein, and some other stuff, not hydrolyzed casein like Mag-10 or Plazma, so it’s unfortunately not really comparable. It’d be closer in formula to Metabolic Drive.

Anything different these last few days?

No, I contacted customer service about the situation and they are going to work with me regarding a refund.

I did try the blue raz which made the taste a little better, but I could only drink about 400 ml of the 1000 during the 2 hr. period. I was getting a little bloated and sick feeling again once I got near the 400 ml consumption, so there was no way I could drink anymore of the Plazma. I had the dry heaves immediately after training and sick feeling. I didn’t eat dinner for at least 1.5 hrs after that, so I eliminated that dreadful aftermath.

I’m very disappointed that I can’t continue with the Plazma and still wondering how can I go 4 weeks w/ no issues, but the 5th week plus one training day all goes to hell. I still felt strong during the last training session with another PR accomplished, but Plazma just doesn’t agree w/ my body for some reason (probably the hyrolyzed casein like you said). I wanted to try the Mag-10 too, but not w/ the HC in it also.

For now, SWF is the next best thing, so I’ll continue with that. I’m grateful Biotest stands by their products and is understanding of this issue. Thanks for all your help on this matter Chris!

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