New Plazma Labeling and New pre-load Dosing Concern

So 3 new bags of Plazma just came in today, and I read the new labeling on the new packaging. I wanted to personally acknowledge and thank Biotest for changing the dosing instructions to 2 doses, as this is much more realistic in terms of what MOST people are actually using. Mark Dugdale and Amit Sapir aside… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I do have a question about the new pre-load instructions.

On the old bottled Plazma, we are instructed to consume 1 whole dose 15 minutes prior to training to pre-load. But on this new bagged Plazma, we are instructed to consume at least 1/2 a dose 15 minutes prior to training.

So what’s the general consensus? Is it more important to consume more Plazma intra than pre-workout? I was under the impression that if possible, the more you can pre-load and/or consume at the start of your workout, the better.

Thanks guys. Just trying to optimize my supplementation.

P.S. I bought 4 bottles of Micro-PA and am impressed so far!

Not saying it is right or I am an expert, but I have done 1/2 dose pre, 1 1/2 dose during, and tried to kill myself on leg day. Did a few more sets then I thought I was going to and decided due to how I was feeling to load up another dose when I got home. Worked like a charm and hardly any soreness the next day.

See what works for you, but from what I have experienced (on my second bag of plazma now), as long as you get it during that window you’ll be good to go!

Always a core factor is, what approach best supports the workout for the person, which is going to vary according to workout duration and density as well as personal style, and practical aspects of getting the job done. It’s better by far to hit these practical and personal points than to be at a theoretical ideal that for some practical or individual reason misses it somewhat.

I think it’s best to have a reasonable insulin release already occurring at the start of the workout, but exactly how much isn’t so critical provided the full dose is consumed by the end of the workout, either at a relatively even pace or somewhat front-heavy. A little more before the workout but less during, or a little less before but more during, it all works out provided this minimum is met.

If the amount you’re drinking beforehand is between 1/2 and 1 dose and feels right for you, it will be fine. Myself, I’ve been doing about 1/2 dose, but really from instinctive drinking from the bottle rather than by measurement.

Since adding Plazma and MAG-10 to my training, I haven’t changed my actual workout.
What I have experienced is the ability to do more work, at heavier weights, see very nice pumps and vascularity, and not be wrecked afterwards.

I hope I never have to train without Plazma again.

I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

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