New Indigo User-Woman

Hi! I just order 2 bottles of indigo. I read a lot of post/articles about it but I have few question.

Let me indroduce myself
I’m a woman 30 years old, 180lbs 5,7".
I workout 6 days/weeks, strength training, weight lifting, conditioning work. I have 10 lbs of fat to lose. 2 times, I had a huge rebounds when I stop low low carb diet. My bad, abuse of bads foods. Approximately 25-30lbs gaining weight) So now I have difficulty to lose fat. I don’t want to put myself on low carb diet again.

My diet plan 1735cal, 180g proteine 121g carb (carb peri workout only.) and 69g fat
on workout days, my post workout carb: 40g by hours of training

So my questions:
Should I have to increase my carb intake?
The effect on woman are the same than a man? I didn’t find article or logs about woman and indigo.
If I use 4 caps by days, is it enough for great result?
CAN i use it with fat burner ?

I want optimals and amazing results. Any advice will be welcome.

CAN i log my results somewhere on the website if it can help other users?
All advices will be welcome

Thanks blush:


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