New Indigo User, Recently Injured

Long time lurker here… anyways finally made the jump on indigo… problem is I broke a few ribs on Monday. No training for at least a week or 2. Should I start indigo now or should I wait until I get back in there?

My gut says wait, but figured it didn’t hurt to ask.


Well, <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G will still do its thing when it comes to partitioning nutrients, but of course you’ll see a more profound effect when you’re training and using workout nutrition. We’d say to hold off a bit until you’re ready for the gym again. Or you could start Indigo-3G a couple of days before returning to the gym, just to give your system a head start trending in the right direction.

Thanks Chris, that was my feeling as well. I only asked because of the old dosage protocol which lead me to believe it had a ramp up effect.

Anyways, thank you!

I just wanted to add to this thread a very large thank you. It is nice not only doing business with a local company (Up here in Denver) but you guys continually go out of your way for customer service. Thanks again for a great product!

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