New Here, Fresh Off the Program

My first post here comes on the evening I finished the Intermediate Program.

I’ll own up to the bad news right up front - my adherence to the program was far from strict[1]; in fact, I had to lie to the JavaScript about my weight to even get the PDF. That said, weight loss wasn’t my goal; body composition and strength/performance improvements were, and I saw results. I remained about 160-165 throughout, but my body fat percentage dropped from about 14% to 12%, and my performance in the V-Burn Challenges improved dramatically:

  1. March 03 - 25:45
  2. March 10 - 22:22 (-3:23, -3:23)
  3. March 17 - 21:12 (-1:10, -4:33)
  4. April 01 - 18:55 (-2:17, -6:50)
  5. April 10 - 17:28 (-1:27, -8:17)
  6. April 21 - 16:17 (-1:11, -9:28)

I wish I could cut nine and a half minutes off my 5k time in seven weeks. [rueful chuckle]

Attached is my ‘before’ shot.

[1] I did shakes during the day six days a week, and ate more or less sensibly for dinner and on the seventh day; this was somewhat ameliorated (or compounded, take your pick) by the fact that I was still engaged in either my usual lifting, or playing some sort of sports a couple of days a week. There was also the matter of a one-week vacation smack in the middle of it.

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